Don’t Give Up on the Doctor


Aside from the predictable ‘man baby’ headlines that followed the change of guard announcement about the nation’s favorite alien, EYEwas actually quite surprised about just how little negativity was being expressed on Whovian boards and podcasts about Jodie Whittaker’s casting.

This will partly be because Who has always been an extremely inclusive and egalitarian show but sadly I also sense that a lot of genuine fans, especially male Doctor Who fans are, understandably, afraid to say anything remotely negative about such a seismic shift in the show’s narrative because they are afraid of being branded as sexist.

So I made this:

EYEcome from a generation of whovian who has been around long enough to have seen more than a few peaks and troughs in the show’s history. Personally I don’t really think that my generation’s opinion about the new casting particularly matters but if you’re curious to know why EYEam delighted about the news here’s a short podcast explaining why.


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