Something for Everyone

Ho hum… My personal political pony fell at the final hurdle but EYEreckon that this week’s unexpected general election result offered a little something, something for most shades of voters.

Amongst many other more important things Philip Davies and Jess Phillips both survived to champion gender equality on the Women and Equalities Committee. It was heartening to see that Davies was returned with an increased share of the vote on an overtly anti-feminist ticket and hilarious to witness how his haters reacted to rumours of his defeat with the sort of twitter ‘abuse’ that might have, in other circumstances, make Jess Phillips cry rape.

Meanwhile EYEtook the opportunity to take inspiration from #WEP’s creepy London Mayor party political broadcast as a backdrop to mansplaining why they lost their deposit.

In the interest of equality EYEalso shared some thoughts about J4MB, most particularly my belief that their Toxic Awards only helped to make things more difficult for the men’s rights champions who did actually stand.

Finally, this week EYEturned the spotlight on two stories that help to set the scene for my series of curious tales of virtual abuse…

…of which part two will hopefully be dropping in the next few days.

So be seeing you soon.


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