Introducing… The Glass Blind Spot

Animation: Sarah Wickens - Film & Video Workshop. 
Music: Hi Jop Beatz - 'Caminos'.

So the allotment is blooming , the head is cleared and EYEhave decided to go audio visual for the summer…

In case you missed it EYElaunched a YouTube channel last week and the plan is to spend the next couple of months making content and see where it goes.

One of the main aims of this blog has always been to both document and hold a mirror up to some of the more obvious oddness expressed in the name of ‘equality’. That’s also the launching off point for this channel and we’ll see where it goes from there.

I’m starting with a series of videos reflecting on the virtual abuse stories covered in the blog. The first of which dropped on Monday in time for the anniversary of The Night of a Thousand Rape Threats.

As it’s election time, EYEhas also held a mirror up to Jess Phillips’ Truth About Violence…

…and reflected on one of the go to words in politics if you want to shut down debate.

EYEhope to drop new content every week for the next few months, please bare with the quality as I learn the ropes and if YOU get something out of something you see then please subscribe and share.

Be seeing you (and seeing and hearing me).



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