Be Seeing You

The secret to a long life is knowing when it’s time to say au revoir.

So after over two years in the twitter culture war trenches, it’s time to retire to the allotment for a while and have a good long hard think about all the things I’ve done.

And more importantly, all the things that I’ve learnt.

I made this decision about a month ago but couldn’t bear to call time without first observing International Wassocks Day and conducting a thorough cross examination of Jess Phillips’ truth about the truth.

I’m not hanging up the bowler hat for good but it feels like the right time to take some time out, take stock and maybe move things in a new direction.

Whatever approach I decide to take next I’d like it to be less twitter dependent.

I happen to agree with Owen Jones’ recent tantrum about social media not being the most useful platform for political debate and discussion but only because self important passive aggressive provocateurs like Jones have helped to make that a sad reality with their safe space snowflake censorious demands.


When I started this project I bought into the popular depiction of ignorant angry keyboard warriors and naively thought I could offer a more mature, moderate and meaningful male perspective on gender equality than most.

The most valuable personal lesson I’ve learnt from my time on twitter is that there are more than many decent, rational minded Blokes and Blokesses out there and their ranks grow daily.


Owen Jones may find social media to be ‘a completely and utterly depressing experience’ but I certainly haven’t. To be honest it’s the shitposting and sense of camaraderie that has kept me coming back for as long as I have.

But I didn’t join to shout into an echo chamber and it’s time to take a step back and listen to other voices for a while.

I sincerely hope you’ve got something out of something I’ve written in this blog and hopefully see you again soon enough.

Be seeing you,


Thanks to Megadogyourmom485 for the Purple Kek graphics




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  1. Looking forward to your return, insightful commentary from you will be missed.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful posts. Hope to see you back soon as voices like yours are needed to challenge braindead orthodoxies.

  3. Your top drawer,old boy.Will miss you. x

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