The Truth about Jess Phillips MP’s Truth About Reclaiming the Internet

I don’t want to get all Mary Whitehouse about this.

Jess Phillips MP #Everywoman

After spending an entire chapter banging on about the value of sisterhood you’d think that the least Jess could do is give Yvette Cooper a proper name check for doing all the heavy lifting for the Reclaim the Internet initiative.

Then again perhaps Phillips’ self congratulatory perspective in her ‘Truth about Trolling’ chapter is entirely in keeping with what has been a relatively selective, self centered and sometimes sensationalist campaign so far.

Cooper & Co’s approach has been, to say the least, problematic. Given the high behavioual bar they set for others, their passive aggressive and very political bias becomes painfully obvious when you consider the ‘abuse’ they seem to consistently ignore.

The internet is full of little Donald Trumps building Mexican walls around those they don’t like in the name of righteousness. Jess Philips #Everywoman

Obviously their campaign has no interest in acknowledging or addressing ‘abuse’ directed at male public figures but they never seem to make a fuss when it happens to the wrong type of woman either.

Although quick to call foul if it happens to one of their own they remain silent when allies like J.K. Rowling are called out for so called dogpiling incidents against others.

They sometimes seem to send mixed messages. Take Anna Turley for example. One minute she’s the sponsor of the proposed Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill, the next she’s telling Channel 4 News’ Cathy Newman that she’d like to punch a fellow journalist in the face.

And most recently when Phillips and others spoke up in support of millionaire pop star Lily Allen after reports that she was upset by trolls, they remained silent about the provocative role Allen herself played in the incident and  subsequent reports that Allen had set her 5 million followers the task of helping her to dox a user who dared to criticise her.

This will not be easy but the police do at least seem willing to join the conversation even though it is essentially going to massively increase their workload. Jess Phillips MP

I could go on and have elsewhere.

This quote from below the line sums it up for me.

The left uses hypocrisy and double standards as a psychological weapon to demoralise and break down values. The idea is to makes us say ‘thats not fair!’ and then become confused and angry by the ludicrous sophistry they pretend to justify on said subject as there is nothing we can do about their perpetual bullshit. Its essentially a form of tyranny where nothing makes sense.

Image credit & Quotations: Jess Phillips / Penguin / Hutchinson  Fair Use (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act): Criticism, Education & Parody.

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