That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore


If you’re familiar with Richard Herring’s unique approach to celebrating and championing women and girls on International Woman’s Day then you may be surprised to learn that he also considers himself as something of an autumnal ambassador for men and boys.

nov 16

Spring time acts of masochistic comedic pedantry are fair enough as far as they are fair enough, but  (with the obvious exception of the dishonourable Member for Birmingham Yardley) it’s hard to think of anyone who has done more to try and undermine the positive intent behind International Men’s Day than Richard Herring.

nov 13

For the Uninitiated, Herring’s convoluted joke about Wassock days is inspired by his observation that a remarkable number of people take to twitter every year on International Women’s Day and ask why there isn’t an International Men’s Day.

march 2013

He caricatures these tweeters as ‘furious chauvinistic cheese helmets’ who are too stupid or lazy to search out the fact that there actually is an International Men’s Day.

march 2014

In his wisdom he has also determined that anyone who takes to twitter and asks that question on March 8th is essentially a sexist arsehole.

marc 16 - 2

That and the fact that men (and women) don’t want or need a specific campaign day reflecting on the challenges faced by men and boys when a March gender equality day is already such an established fixture.


In this Oxbridge graduate’s experience, men maintain such patriarchal privilege that every day is effectively International Men’s Day, which makes the notion of an actual International Men’s Day nothing less than stupid.

march 2015

And the notion of making fun of ignorant cheese helmets an important and entirely virtuous fixture in his annual schedule.

marc 16

Besides at the end of the day, it’s just a joke.


And if you don’t get the joke then you’re probably just being over sensitive, or stupid, or ignorant.


And don’t understand that Richard is entirely committed to championing a movement that love their partners and children and just want to shine a light on the new underclass that his old elite alumni has made a strategic priority.

nov 16

And after his spring time shenanigans no doubt Richard he will focus on putting his mouth where his foot increasingly appears to be.

BTW: The bylines have been plucked from an alternative comedic dimension but the embedded quotes are very much from this reality.




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