The Truth About Jess Phillip’s Truth About the Back Bench Business Committee Incident

It is the silencing of women that is the sinister element of this, not the dumbass things these men say. Jess Phillips MP

I think that it’s probably fair to say that Jess Phillips isn’t exactly fellow MP Philip Davies’ biggest fan. Fair enough as far as far as it’s fair enough, although I do often wonder if she doesn’t secretly thank him for the part he played in first bringing her infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me style of victimaggressor politics to a big enough audience that publishing editors called Jocasta started to pay attention.

Phillips speaks her truth about the truth about the incident that first brought her national exposure in her book #everywoman and unsurprisingly her recollection comes across as more than a little disingenuous.

She sweeps over the entire episode in less than two paragraphs and her subtle reimagining is enough to make me think that if she stopped obsessing about impostor syndrome for a time and instead reflected on the implications of unconscious information bias, then her world might genuinely become a much less fearful place indeed.

Phillip Davies MP didn’t feel that men had enough opportunities to speak up in parliament. I had absolutely no problem with the debate being held but I did have a problem with the idea that men are marganlised in Westminster.

As Phillips recalls, her job that morning was to consider an application to hold a parliamentary debate on International Men’s Day, something that she proceeded to have a good old chuckle about. She justifies this behaviour by conflating the current number of male MPs with the actual task in hand, which was to consider whether or not it would be a useful exercise to provide a platform for the discussion of heavily gendered issues such as the current UK suicide epidemic.


Phillips claims that she had absolutely no problem with the debate being held but the truth about this truth is that she certainly appeared to do everything within her power to stop it and, what’s more, when she couldn’t, she moped off home early to avoid it after making her dismissive contribution via the pages of the Independent.



If you follow her advice and search for her name on YouTube, you’ll find footage of her performance on that fateful day which has by far the most views of anything related to her, including her infamous love in  with Owen Jones where she pledges to blade her boss.

After watching a self identifying champion of gender equality behaving in such a chauvinistic manner, you may feel that her conscious or unconscious intention was to both ridicule and silence the voices of constituents that another MP was attempting to represent.

Some people certainly did and turned to social media to speak their truth.

For a Member of Parliament with two degrees, Jess Phillips can sometimes be extremely ignorant.

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Image credit & Quotations: Jess Phillips / Penguin / Hutchinson  Fair Use (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act): Criticism, Education & Parody



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