The Truth About Jess Phillips MP’s Truth About Sluts

UKIP! The populist right wing party famous for a man who said that women who don’t clean behind the fridge are sluts!  Jess Phillips MP #everywoman

Now this is a story you may not like, it might even turn your worldview  upside down, but I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you a story about how fair is fair.

For the man who inadvertently helped to fast track a sister’s career path, Phillip Davies MP really doesn’t get a lot of love from fellow famous feminists.

Laura Bates recently called for his head and the Guardian once set an entire furious faint of cake eating #feministzealots upon him for having had the cheek to suggest (at a sex equality conference no less) that ‘feminist zealots want to have their cake and eat it’.

Criticizing Davies is fair enough as far as it’s fair enough but do we really want to live in a world were we’re afraid to ask whether or not some self identifying gatekeepers of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ don’t sometimes come across a tad puritanical or even hypocritical?

Take champions of Yvette Cooper MP’s #ReclaimtheInternet campaign and their interpretation of the DEMOS research especially commissioned to help highlight the extent of ‘online misogyny’ which the feminist friendly Guardian presented thusly…

This is what misogynists look like to the Guardian

Demos analysed the use of the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ by UK Twitter users over a three-week period and found that 6,500 unique users were targeted by 10,000 explicitly ‘aggressive and misogynistic tweets’.

The researchers had expected to find that the typical profile of an ‘abuser’ would be blokes in underpants living in their parent’s basement, however the results showed a much more diverse population.  Most surprisingly, Demos found that of the 90% of accounts that could be identified by gender, the majority of abusers (63%) were actually women.

Based on the narrow criteria investigated, Demos found that ‘misogynistic abusers’ were most likely to be young women who follow Beyoncé and Justin Bieber and that the most high profile ‘victim’ of misogynistic abuse was in fact American lady rapper Azeelia Banks, who got banned from twitter for making frequent homophobic and racist comments after a throw down with 1D fans.

This is what misogynists look like to Demos

Despite these extraordinary findings, high profile supporters were quick to dismiss them for various reasons, including research methodology, sock puppetry and the sad inevitability that women will be victims of their own internalized misogyny in a patriarchal man’s man’s world.

Of all the reasons put forward to explain why it doesn’t count when women do it, the most bizarre one had to be from #everywoman Jess Phillips MP who took to Woman’s Hour to excuse the cacophony of potty mouth of teenagers by implying that they were probably just talking in some form of pastpresent posh patwa, possibly heavily influenced by disgraced UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom.

I have used the word slut in a tweet in the old fashion sense that I don’t have a very clean kitchen and my mum used to call me a slut.  Jess Phillips MP #everywoman

For a Member of Parliament with two degrees, Jess Phillips can sometimes be extremely ignorant.

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 Image credit & Quotations: Jess Phillips / Penguin / Hutchinson  Fair Use (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act): Criticism, Education & Parody.

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