The Truth About Jess Phillips MP’s Truth About False Rape Claims

EYE happen to agree with Jess Phillips that joking about not raping someone isn’t particularly big, clever, or in very good taste, but we don’t especially see eye to EYE when it comes to the equally edgy territory of making jokes about false rape claims.

Jess can’t hold back from doing exactly that during her brief and extremely dismissive critique of an essay by Janet Bloomfield entitled 13 reasons women lie about rape.

Of course as far as she’s concerned each of the reasons are ‘laughably stupid and easily disproved‘, and effortlessly debunks reason number 5 (women lie about rape when the sex is bad) with one of her hilarious, albeit slightly emasculating, sassy wise cracks.

I think we can all agree that if that was the case rape reporting would be going through the roof.

Hilarious I know.

The trouble is that, just because feminists like Phillips like to push the mantra that a women must always be believed, the inconvenient elephant hiding in this particular glass blind spot is the fact that women can, and sometimes do, lie about things and sometimes they even lie about rape.

Phillips has clearly read at least half of Bloomfield’s article which means that the most outrageous thing about her not especially funny not rape joke is that she must (on some level) understand just how easily debunkable her own dismissive put down really is.

Bloomfiled’s essay is in fact well researched and entirely accurate, examining as it does thirteen very real cases of incidents where men have been falsely accussed of rape for reasons such as guilt, infedility, revenge, psychiatric medication complications and yes. even just because the sex was bad.

Lynette Lee arranged to meet a man whom she had contacted through a dating site. They went on a date, which ended with consensual sex in a motel room. Lee then reported the man for forcible rape. He was interviewed by police, who then re-interviewed Lee, who confessed to lying about the rape because “she did not enjoy the sex” and “it was bad.” Women lie about rape if the sex is bad. Janet Bloomfield

Just let that sink in.

The Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardly actually read that paragraph and her moral compass lead her to dismiss a Federal Court’s finding by cracking a joke about the standard of seeing to that her readership might relate to.

The frightening thing is that this is a woman who aspires to one day be Home Secretary.  This is a woman who claims that things like DNA evidence, CCTV footage, multiple witnesses, concrete alibis, written confessions and an innocent man’s natural legal right not be incarcerated by the state are ‘laughably stupid and easily disproved‘ by a woman’s right to always be believed.

For a Member of Parliament with two degrees, Jess Phillips can sometimes be extremely ignorant.

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Image credit & Quotations: Jess Phillips / Penguin / Hutchinson  Fair Use (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act): Criticism, Education & Parody.


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