The Truth About Jess Phillips MP’s Truth About Blokes from Swindon

Imagine that every troll is a bloke from swindon and you’ll soon realise your own superiority. Jess Phillips #everywoman

Jess Phillips’ #everywoman book is brimming with some remarkable fibs, fallacies, falsehoods, fabrications and fascinating omissions but if I had to point to just one succinct example reflecting all of the above, it would have to be her thoughts concerning a bloke from Swindon called Carl.

From her perspective Carl is ‘her most frequent aggressor‘ and ‘one of the most prolific men’s right’s dunderheads‘ on the planet. Jess blocked Carl on twitter over a year before the notorious ‘not rape dogpiling’ incident that she feels he was entirely responsible for and is central to her thesis that people she points at should be expelled from twitter, have their youtube accounts shut down, patron assets frozen and be confined to some sort of dunderhead gulag on a far away ghetto of the deep dark web.

Carl is also unemployed, unemployable, probably lives with his mum and almost definitely likes to sit in his underpants.

The day after the not rape incident Jess rushed to a BBC studio to discuss the 5,000 odd tweets talking about her rape, loudly declare that the West Midlands Police watch her twitter feed closely and that although most of those involved were from America she is convinced that civil or criminal action is ultimately the way to attack these people.

As well as getting them thrown off social media.

We do not monitor individual Twitter accounts, if an offence has been committed and we are aware or made aware of the offence then like any other crime we will take action. West Midlands Police

The following weekend the Times revealed that the ‘ringleader’ was a self employed married father of two from Swindon and funnily enough those threats of legal action disappeared straight down Jess Phillips’ and the Labour Party’s memory hole.

Reality has an anti-feminist bias. Sargon of Akkad

In reality Carl is a full-time YouTube content creator who runs a channel called Sargon of Akkad devoted to ‘dismantling ideological nonsense‘, he has half a million subscribers on YouTube and four times the twitter following that Phillips has (which incidentally has doubled since the incident).

Oh and he’s not an Men’s Rights Activist but he does have a young son.


Carl believes silence is consent and is concerned with ethics, his channel is funded by his followers and he doesn’t accept corporate sponsorship.  To put Carl in context, his weekly show this week in stupid attracts an average of  300,000 views which is a considerably larger audience that the number that tune in to watch Phillips get paid to review the papers on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News.

Jess would never dare debate Carl because for a Member of Parliament with two degrees, Jess Phillips can sometimes be extremely ignorant.

“I never made any threats. It was a classic example of how the regressive left tries to shame and silence anybody who disagrees with them. Any criticism of a woman by a man is called misogyny. It’s ridiculous.”  Sargon of Akkad

If I had to recommend one of his videos, it would be his illuminating interview with veteran human rights activist, founder of the first ever women’s refuge and a legend in the movement against domestic violence.


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