Lady Doctor Debate: A Point of order

EYEset an important ground rule for anyone thinking about expressing an opinion on the casting of a national treasure.


So regrettably Peter Capaldi has called time on ‘his’ time in the tardis and the inevitable calls for a female Time Lord followed within the hour.

In my humble subjective opinion, the notion of a female Doctor isn’t quite as dumb as the suggestion that Daniel Craig be recast as Jane Bond but even so, as a lifelong fan of the show, EYE breathe a heavy hearted sigh every time this possibility is mentioned.


Or demanded, as some of the usual suspects dare to do. Take the Guardian’s television and theater critic Mark Lawson for example, who rather bullishly commanded that the 13th Doctor can and must be a woman.

EYEis happy to concede that (based entirely on the holy whovian cannon of that which has come before) the next Doctor certainly can be a woman. That said, Lawson’s ill informed instruction only goes to show that he is entirely ignorant of the fact that the 13th Doctor very much is a man and will continue to be so throughout his remaining thirteen episodes.

A tad pedantic perhaps and EYEcertainly wouldn’t expect such attention to detail from the average time lady advocate, but let me put it this way…. if you can’t name at least one former male Doctor Who assistant then you’re probably not a fan of the show and therefore should fuck right out of it and invest your energies on something that you actually care about.


To illustrate the point EYEconducted a quick straw poll on twitter inviting as many sex change champions as I could find to chip in…

EYEreckon the results speak for themself…


John Nathan Turner inflicted some pretty whacky ideas on the show as he was running it into the ground in the eighties, so EYEguess anything is possible.  But unless Chris Chibnall can pitch a compelling enough story, EYEseriously doubt that the BBC bods will take such a radical risk with their international cash cow.

‘Pop culture’ writers like The Guardian’ Nadia Khomami may very well claim that ‘the fans are calling for a female Doctor‘ but if you read below her own click bait headline you can tell that they’re really not and EYEis really not convinced that Nadia could tell an Atraxi from a Zocci or an Auton from her elbow….


So in conclusion, if you’re not a fan stay well out of it or else EYEwill start petitioning for a Dalek invasion during Downtown Abbey (or something).

Everyone else is invited to return on Saturday and consider my extremely nerdy essay on the pros and cons of a lady time lady transition, along with my humble suggestion to the casting department.*

*Spoiler - it's a bloke.



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