EYE on Media Misandry: January 2017


It’s been a busy month of glass blind spotting so best buckle up butter cup because it’s going to be a cringe inducing read…

So Paul Michael Glaser’s lycra infused dystopian vision of 2017 may not have quite come to pass (yet) but the way most of the media are treating the Trumpogedan train, some people clearly think it’s about to.


Speaking frankly, given that this month saw both Trumps Inauguration Ceremony and hundreds of marches demonstrating it, EYEis just glad that everybody involved mostly got home safely.


EYEsay mostly because inevitably there was a bit of rioting and a few physical assaults but the only hats ripped from peoples heads had pro trump slogans and the only woman reporter to get punched in the face (at a Woman’s March) was the wrong kind of woman. Which is why the only thing the other woman in the vicinity did was whisk away her perpetrator before the police arrived.

On a more cheery note, Hollwood star and instillation art buffoon Shia LaBeouf got arrested for causing division with his ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ irony piece.


Depressingly we were only one day into January before the first online death threat story surfaced but again the ‘dangerous hate speech’ was directed at the wrong kind of woman so it went largely unreported.


The one journalist to cover the story described Cassie Jaye’s excellent Red Pill documentary as ‘inflammatory, controversial and anti-feminist‘, so one can safely assume that she hasn’t seen it. EYEhave and would describe it as balanced, well researched, compassionate and powerful.

Two days later saw the first political misogyny card play of 2017 but the player in question is no friend of the sapphic side of sisterhood, so she had to double down before anyone remotely took her seriously. At the second time of asking she claimed that someone had threatened to chop her head off, which seems a little unrealistic, given the brass neck involved.


Meanwhile some people tried to spend ‘Fat Cat Wednesday’ talking about income inequality but found that the corporate media were too busy talking to professional feminists about the gender pay gap to care.


Bloomberg cheerfully chirped about the exciting new trend of woman only office spaces and Liz Kershaw had a good old chortle about domestic violence on Sky News.

Grab ’em by the b***s

While EYEhad a busy month, among other things discovering that 25,000 people didn’t send 50,000 tweets celebrating Jo Cox’s murder and that the Guardian don’t have a policy on equal opportunities, which may well explain why they would print such divisive nonsense in the first place.


The online abuse narrative kept on rolling with Owen Jones being the latest person to shamelessly link Jo Cox’s death to social media bullying, as did the BBC who reported that an overwhelming majority of women MPs have received online and verbal abuse, a third have considered quitting and two thirds feel “less safe” after Cox’s murder.

If you’re wondering if any male MP’s reported abuse, the answer is no because the BBC didn’t ask them and indeed two thirds of the female MPs they asked didn’t feel strongly enough about their experience to give an answer.


Phillip Davies joined The Women and Equalities Parliamentary Committee and not a moment too soon.  This month they launched a report on sexist dress codes which helpfully helped to underline just how sexist the current arrangements are. While EYE seem to be the only one to have noticed that Theresa May could have saved them all a lot of bother if she wasn’t so fond of high heels at work herself.


And in other former Minister for Women and Equality news… PIE apologist Harriet Harman did her bit to protect students at her old alumni over forty years after she left by claiming (in her new book) that her old Prof offered to bump her up to a 2:i in a return for a bit of bump and grind.

Borderline 2:ii

He’s ex wife reckons that the former Leader of the House of Commons is a fantasist but Professor Satyamurti hasn’t exactly denied it himself, although in fairness, he has been dead for over eighteen years so make of all that what you will.


Piers Morgan had a post Women’s March bust up with everyone from Ewen McGregor to Lily Allen and Sophie Walker (from Sandi Toksvig’s wee party), all of whom amazingly managed to give Morgan the unlikely moral high ground.


Walker refused to condemn Madonna’s incendiary speech to 500,000 protestors in Washington because…wait for it…she’s a champion of free speech… while Allen made such a tit of herself that she had to start a petition to crowd source some consolation.


Elsewhere, the Irish Examiner took in a journey through time back to 2014 courtesy of feminist children’s writer Louise O’Neill.

In her article: It is impossible for women to be sexist towards men, Louise describes the inconvenience of having to change her twitter bio from “Author. Feminist / Misandrist, depending on the day” because the accusations of man-hating and reverse sexism were becoming so persistent that it didn’t seem worth the hassle.


And the whirling dervish of everydaysexism™ greeted the news that there are now eight UK female political party leaders with a characteristic tut…

Still, it’s not all bad, eleven months to go and we may already have found the man of the year…

And at least we have the return of Twin Peaks to look forward to…


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