A wee thought experiment


There’s a big difference between speaking figuratively about how annoyed Sophie Walker made me feel recently and sharing my immediate thoughts with her via the shared public debating platform that is twitter.

Walker was one of the organisers of this weekend’s Women’s March in London and refused to condemn Madonna’s headline grabbing act of self promoting stupidity at the main event in Washington.

In the unlikely event that you missed it, an estimated two million people took part in around 600 Marches around the world in support of the Women’s March in Washington and in opposition to the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

An estimated 500,000 assembled in D.C. and they, along with millions watching later on television, witnessed Madonna sing one of her hits and share some incendiary thoughts about what she’d like to do to the White House.

‘Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House but I chose love instead. Madonna

Not only did Walker refuse to condemn her statement but when pressed by Piers Morgan on Breakfast TV, even defended it on the basis that she was obviously only speaking figuratively and had a right to free speech.

Madonna is no more likely to turn to terrorism than she is to fulfill her promise to give blow jobs in return for votes. Predictably she quickly clarified her use of m-e-t-a-p-h-o-r-i-c language for the benefit of any slow learners at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but that’s beside the point.

Watching Walker piously presenting herself as a champion of free speech was a bit much to take that early in the morning, to the extent that EYEeven considered tweeting her.

It would have gone something along the lines of:

Hi Sophie EYEjust had an interesting thought experiment involving choosing love over coming to your house and weeing on your carpet.

A tad vulgar perhaps but, even though my figurative speaking would have been significantly less terrorist related, EYEwisely thought twice about exercising my right to freedom of speech because women, feminists, radical fourth wave feminists like Walker tend to have remarkable double standards when it comes to such matters.

She probably would have just ignored me but then again she might have called the police or at least the Evening Standard.

Walker is one of a relatively new breed of professional feminists who have an entirely reasonable understanding of the nuances involved in figurative speech except when it suits their purposes not to.

Take Labour’s Jess Phillips for example who had the brass neck to tell the press that she’ll be happy to stick a knife into Jeremy Corbyn and then demand he discipline his chief strategist for using his own figurative language to tell her she had some brass neck for saying she’d betray her leader.

EYEhas followed such passive aggressive silencing and self promotion tactics with increasing disgust.  God knows why the media indulges such blatant hypocrisy but they do and every time they get away with it they drag real feminism further and further into the doldrums and make a mockery of the very principle they claim to champion.



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