Recl@imTheInternet: January 2017 Update

A quick update on last month’s update on the lack of updates from Yvette Cooper’s personal promotional platform.


Last month EYElooked back at Labour’s Reclaim the Internet initiative and reported that there was essentially very little activity to report since last July.  Their crowd sourcing initiative has long since been abandoned, their twitter feed has been tweetless and Yvette Cooper’s office were unable to report any significant developments or outcomes, other than to say that they might be getting someone in to look at in the new year.

Hopefully they don’t bother but in the meantime EYEmight as well report on a development of sorts directly from the desk of Ms Cooper.

A long time ago EYEsigned up to the campaign mailing list to ‘get all the latest updates from Reclaim The Internet and ways to get involved’. To date EYEhaven’t received so much as a single update but over the past 12 months have received relatively regular emails directly from the Member of Parliament for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.

Anywho since posting my lack of updates update in December EYEhas received no less than three emails from her Office, including details about the work of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee Yvette became Chair of in October and a Christmas greeting which banging on about Ed Ball’s recent post politics ballroom activities.

Again not so much as a peep about the ‘cross party campaign’ to secure safe spaces online but then EYEprobably should have read the small print when signing up….




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