Is Jess Phillips a Massive Hoax?

EYEhas a theory. Consider the facts before you judge me.

Whatever you may think of ‘gobby’ Brummy Labour rebel MP Jess Phillips, you have to concede that the lady has balls.

Big, badass, baffingly bold, bloated, brassic, balls.

Recently her latest self promotional foray crashed onto Amazon Book’s Feminist Criticism chart at #105, based on pre-order sales alone (sorry feminist critics but you’ll have to wait for International Woman’s Day to get your hands on a copy).

And not only does it travel with the not entirely modest title of ‘Everywoman’ but she’s even managed to wedge a double dose of truth into her seven word subtitle.

It’s almost as if she’s overcompensating for something.

Or struggling with imposter syndrome.


Everywoman: An ordinary woman, representative of all women.

In literature the ‘everyman’, or ‘every person’ if you will, is an ordinary individual with whom the reader can easily relate to. Ordinarily, it is customary for the ‘everyman’ to embark on an extraordinary adventure on behalf of every ordinary person. Take Alice tumbling through Wonderland for example, or Arthur Dent hitchhiking across the Galaxy.


Of course in this reality Arthur and Alice don’t really exist but every day, everyday people do find themselves experiencing extraordinary adventures.

In fairness, Jess Phillips’ story has certainly been an interesting one to follow but EYEfor one struggle to find anything remotely relatable about her.


There is something so oddly odd and yet painfully cliched about her that sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s for real at all.  Which made me wonder…

Is Jess Phillips a massive hoax?


This may at seem like an odd question to consider but then again…consider the evidence…

She speaks out against sexual violence and yet undermines victims by claiming to have been the victim of thousands of rape threats.

She presents herself as an authority on online abuse but conflates personal criticism on twitter with attacks on her person.

She’s an intersectional feminist who aggressively swears at BME MPs, or worse still plots to unseat them in the interests of her own ambitions.

She’s a gender equality champion who tries to shut down debates about gender equality.

She brags about her multi-tasking abilities but doesn’t always manage to keep her promises.

She highlights the plight of domestic violence victims and in the very same moment silences many of their voices.

She reckons that her own constituents can’t keep their hands to themselves on a Saturday night out and is prepared to exploit the tragic death of a colleague to promote her own preferred party political perspective of the way the world really is.

One minute she’s accusing her leader of low level misogyny (after he appointed the first ever female majority cabinet) the next she’s accusing her critics of being over sensitive pearl clutchers for taking offence at the fact that she pledged to stab a member of the Privy Council.

You couldn’t make her up….or could you?

Think about it, this is the woman who, with a straight face, tried to convince Jenni Murray that ‘slut’ is a word she uses to describe people who don’t clean behind their fridge.


As the late David Bowie once wisely observed: ‘the moment you know, you know, you know’ and EYEwould contend that, from a certain perspective, once considered, it’s hard not to conclude that Phillips must be a deep cover agent of comedy chaos. A poker faced troll with a legendary long game vision to reach the top of the humour hardback charts.


Of course when contemplating this comedy conspiracy theory, it did occur to me that Phillips might simply be the useful idiot in this scenario. An unwitting accomplice in a post truth media plot to troll the nation, if you will.

After all, in an open market, obviously ‘woke’ ‘fake news’ urchins like Milo Yiannopolis can command vastly superior sums for their version of the ‘truth’.

But then EYEread a couple of articles that left me with little doubt that Jess is most definitely and entirely IN on the joke…

Two straight faced warnings about the radicalisation of young white British men published within days of each other. Two terrifying tales of perfectly decent liberal thinking men lured to the misogynistic, racist dark side by alt-right internet memes, online trolls and youtube ‘red pill’ videos.

One written by Phillips herself, the other, eventually revealed to be the work of notorious internet troll and contemporary comedy genius Godfrey Elfwick.

                      gg-jpg                            jppp-jpg

TWO hilariously thoughtful thesis teasing the fanciful feminist fear of the frighteningly fragile, malleable male mind.

ONE comedic troll’s take on toxic testosterone theory at it’s finest?

When you know, you know, you know.

EYElooked from Jess to Godfrey and from Godfrey to Jess and from Jess to Godfrey again but already it is impossible to say which was which.


Well played Jess, well played…

They are emboldened like dogs on heat and are currently flipping the final switch on a project of radicalisation of young white men that they have been undertaking for years. Using the exact tools deployed by Isis and other terrorist organisations before them, the alt-right have been grooming vulnerable young or isolated people online with fake mocked up videos of hatred. They have been finding people with no friends and offering them a brotherhood.

Like every man who groomed a lonely teenage girl with the promise of love, affection and the gift of popularity, the racist fantasists followed the playbook and recruited en masse. They are home-grown hate preachers. Each individual who joins in a fevered dog pile of hatred against a dissenting voice thinks they are acting as as an individual with free speech and free will. The reality is they are part of an organised radicalised group whose creation took planning and disciple by each cell and its leaders. Jess Phillips

Or should EYEsay Godfrey…?

It started with Sam Harris, moved on to Milo Yiannopoulos and almost led to full-scale Islamophobia. If it can happen to a lifelong liberal, it could happen to anyone.

At the same time, the anti-SJW stuff also moved on to anti-feminism, men’s rights activists – all that stuff. I followed a lot of these people on Twitter, but never shared any of it. I just passively consumed it, because, deep down, I knew I was ashamed of what I was doing. I’d started to roll my eyes when my friends talked about liberal, progressive things. What was wrong with them? Did they not understand what being a real liberal was? All my friends were just SJWs. They didn’t know that free speech was under threat and that politically correct culture and censorship were the true problem.

The indoctrination was complete. Godfrey Elfwick

Or should EYEsay Jess…?



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