EYE Review 2016: Is Toxic Mike Going on a Detox?

EYEis pleased to report the slight possibility that Mike Buchanan may be leading the Justice for Men and Boys Party on a New Year detox.


Upon reflection it possibly hasn’t been the best year for Mike Buchanan and his Justice for Men and Boys Party. Not only has he witnessed Catherine Mayer usurp his vision of a national party focused solely on gender politics but she’s also got a bigger book deal for her efforts. He’s distanced himself from the International Men’s Day movement just as they are really starting to gain momentum  and he’s even gone and got himself a criminal conviction for attempting to stop the London traffic.

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As with their biggest rivals EYEhas much sympathy with many of the causes that Mike and his team champion but have never warmed to their uniquely bullish and divisive approach to winning the hearts and minds of the nation.

And while it’s only fair to acknowledge that the very vast majority of the members of WE and J4MB no doubt invest their time and energy with the very best of intentions, EYEwon’t be signing up to either anytime soon.

Still at least J4MB appear to have taken one positive step towards promoting a kinder gentler more effective style of politics this year.

In April they quietly retired their counter productive headline grabbing ‘Toxic Feminist of the Month’ award, along with monthly sister awards for whiney, gormless and lying feminists.

According to a note on his wordpress blog, Mike has decided to abandon these monthly shots to his own foot because ‘people now fully understand that feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars’.


Maybe so, or then again perhaps Mike now fully understands how much damage such an approach can do to the very cause he claims to champion.

Who knows maybe next year he’ll even stop calling people manginas.



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