EYE Review 2016: Another Word for We

There is a thin line between showing some sisterly solidarity and slipping into simple sordid self centred sexism. EYE consider the first year of WE and suggest a more appropriate moniker.


Some of you may have noticed that EYEhave a slightly similar style of writing to Sophie Walker’s Women’s Equality Party.  The difference being that whilst EYEaccentuate individuality, WE employ their mini acronym to emphasise common purpose, shared sisterhood and the power of collective bargaining.

WE have decided that THEY will be the ‘women’s’ champion in the political arena, THEY will put a voice to what women want and resolutely defend what women need. MY sex are something of an afterthought but not to worry because THEIR vision of ‘equality is better for everyone.’

Fair enough as far as it’s fair enough and EYEcan find plenty of common ground with many of their areas of concern.  The problem is that UK ‘women’ are a pretty diverse bunch (all thirty two odd million of them) and as WE found out in 2016, calling yourself the Women’s Party doesn’t automatically secure you 51% of the vote.


In fairness, WE do come across as a pretty slick, albeit metropolitan middle class and mumsey, operation. There is certainly much to be impressed with, not least their claim to have amassed a membership of over 65,000. But their efforts at this summer’s London Mayoral elections positioned them firmly on the extreme fringes of mainstream politics alongside the likes of Britain First and the BNP.

Wee: (Scotch origin) Very small, tiny.

In truth, (wee) would be a more accurate depiction of stature and (wee) will likely remain as unelectable as other extremist parties because as much as (wee) aren’t really THE Woman’s Party, (wee) aren’t the Equality party either.

We champion diversity on the streets of London (‘Vast’ numbers of men are card carrying members as well apparently).

All of the mainstream parties champion relatively similar visions of gender equality and the main thing that makes (wee) stand out from the crowd is their enthusiasm for quotas,  state interventions in parenting choices, the nationalisation of domestic divisions of labour and naturally enough special treatment for their own special soft power base.

As any decent competent equality and human rights lawyer will tell you that distinct difference between positive action aimed at promoting equality of opportunity for women and direct sex discrimination (or as it’s more commonly known, plain old sexism).

To date (wee) have cherry picked statistics and ownership of issues to suit their own narrow agenda, a strategy that will fall out of fashion.  If we were to replace ‘women’ with ‘white’ then (wee’s) rhetoric would suddenly sound a lot more overtly sinister.  Presumably many members of South Africa’s National Party used to think that apartheid was good for everybody too.

One assumes that (wee) took more votes from the Lib Dems female Mayoral candidate than they did from nasty Tory boy Zac Goldsmith but even so their appropriation of his subsequent bi-election defeat result gave an insight into their inflated sense of selves.

The result in this election shows that our message of equality is resonating, and WE look forward to taking that message forward in the borough and across the UK in 2017. Sophie Walker on WE’s Richmond Victory

In 2016 (wee) have literally shown that they want their feminist cake and eat it by backing the unironic #feministzealot hashtag. To date, at least according to them, their biggest success came from not standing in the Richmond bi-election. And they finished off the year exhibiting a distinct double standard when it comes to adult entertainment and local council licensing

One can only wonder what wisdom (wee) will bring to the lobby halls of Westminster in 2017.


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