EYE Review 2016: July to September

EYEscroll through another three months of tweets and look back on a summer of madness.

July started with a Brexit surprise which a lot of ‘remainers’  immediately blamed on blokes and racists and twitter banned Milo for life because he didn’t like the Ghostbusters rehash (or something).

Budwiser cut it’s revenue projections for the year after Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan discussed equal pay in one of their adverts…

And the sexist podium of public shaming had to be rolled out once again after the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi suggested in an interview that his company isn’t sexist.

The fool.

Bernie got burned by backroom DNC shenanigans and the US Presidential election moved towards it’s inevitable giant douche versus shit sandwich finale…

Hilary had a PC graffiti makeover..

And after months of plotting  and infighting the ‘rebels’ finally agreed on who they wanted to make Labour great again.

Not a cult…

#FeministAMovie was the most fun hashtag game of the year…

#letthemeatcake the most ironic…

In August EYElearnt that telling someone to ‘get to the sea’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you have murderous intention in your heart…

Jess Phillips created some more headlines for herself..

While back in the real world another bright young talent was tragically taken from us far too soon.

Still at least Yvette Cooper succeeded in making the virtual world a safer place, eh?

Elsewhere EYEconsidered what the label ‘anti-feminist’ actually means and why ‘feminists’ want to silence them.

And the judgy mcjudger oppression Olympics award went to…

Twitter’s largest investor sentenced a man to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes for tweeting that he was an atheist.

While the Guardian continued their sad slow descent…

A Feminist lobbyist calls MP caveman because he said things she didn’t like.

And the film actors guild offered to get Mark Ruffello’s dick out in return for your vote.

And also sent an envoy to Canada…



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