EYE Review 2016: April to June

EYEscroll back over three more months of memories, mayhem and man bashing.


In April EYEstumbled into a nest of self-identifying vaping vipers and discovered that Mumsnet’s CEO is very concerned about online abuse, except when it’s in her own backyard.

Online abuse was a big talking pointing in 2016 and the Guardian really pushed the boat out with their Web We Want series of disingenuous scaremongering  which amongst other things gave us an hilarious insight into locker room talk Guardian style.

Locker-room talk goes like this: you say to your friend, my God, did you see the tits on that yoga instructor, and your friend says, it hurts you, doesn’t it, and you say it does, it does.  Stephen Marche

The Reclaim the Internet campaign followed within weeks although they didn’t really hit their stride until May when they commissioned some research into the phenomenon that established that teenage girls call each other sluts and the most high profile ‘victim’ was herself banned from twitter for her racist and homophobic vitriol.

2016 moved into full swing with local Government electioneering in May and the Labour party tip toed towards their full on cry bully meltdown with some over the top anti antisemitism accusations. And in a year of blatantly biased disingenuous news coverage did it get any more pathetic than Channel 4 News’ interpretation of the following clip…

Unsurprisingly other related reports also turned out to be a tad over egged…

Elsewhere Huffington Post suffered there own mini twitter storm…

And by the end of the month the over egged headlines had gone into over drive…

Ironically the most accurate headline on that particular subject came from a source that would later be branded as a fake news site…

Twitter weren’t convinced by Phillips’ claims…


Yvette Cooper’s thought crime project hit a bump in the road..

Spring turned to Summer..

And as the nation argued about Brexit, things turned really nasty…


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