EYE Review 2016: NastyWomen

EYEreflect on a year of girls v boys political dichotomies, starting with the mother of all showdowns between Crooked Hilary and the Mango Mussolini.

EYEmust confess to experiencing a genuine sense of sadness after witnessing the outpouring of grief from many women in the immediate  aftermath of Donald Trump’s surprise Presidential victory.

EYEdon’t mean the broader dismay and fear mongering about what a ‘President Trump’ might bring but, specifically, the shock, disappointment and genuine heartbreak expressed over the fact that, as a binary collective sex, ‘women’ had come so close to shattering the highest glass ceiling in the land only to have victory snatched away at the last possible moment.

Personally EYEthink that the entire process is largely one giant puppet show but, that being the case, why not have a puppet in a trouser suit for a change? If only to prove that the more things change, the more they tend to inevitably stay the same.

That said it was a relatively fleeting moment of sadness for a fan base largely populated by highly intelligent women prepared to justify, forgive, or at least ignore their #NastyWoman’s quite remarkable list of misdemeanors and ills, simply because she wasn’t a man.

They came so close to witnessing their new hope literally stand under an imposing glass ceiling to declare victory and yet remarkably, when the news turned sour, the woman of the hour didn’t even have the decency to turn up to personally thank them before turning off the lights.

It’s in dark times of defeat and disappointment that you find out who your friends really are and, for me, one of the most defining moments of Hilary Clinton’s Presidential campaign was the way that she chose to end it.


Many viewed Trumps victory as the lowest of low points in a year of low points for gender politics.  Sophie Walker from Sandi Toksvig’s wee Party even argued that A vote for Donald Trump was a vote to say misogyny and racism don’t matter and that equality for one person means taking it away from somebody else.”

Then again that particular politician has yet to win a popular vote, is in favour of quotas that circumvent democratic processes and EYEfor one have been less than convinced by her old fashioned rhetoric.

Personally EYEthink that the metaphorical ‘binary boys versus girls measurement glass of hope, truth and equal power’ is at the very least as full as it is empty.


She may not have got her hands on the nuclear football but the fact that an extremely unlikable and compromised sociopath won the popular vote by almost three million is significant in itself.


Some people blamed sexism for Clinton’s defeat. Not Benghazi, or Bill, or national security violations, or the foundation, or pay for play, or Saudi connections, or the lies, the constant flip flopping,  or Iraq, Lybia, Haiti, or bloodgate, whitewatergate, cattlegate, filegate, pardongate, or Chinagate, or the death count, or her political track record over three decades, or the DNC fix, or Podesta’s presumed pedophile promoting pizza related code words, or her establishment credentials and the insanely biased media coverage.

But sexism.

Presumably some people even genuinely believe that is why she lost.


When Clinton was accused of paying the ‘woman card’ she held her hands up and shrugged ‘deal me in’  and the fact is that many have gone on record to confirm that they voted for her purely based on the shape of her genitalia.

So if the (so called) sisterhood ever take a moment to reflect on the glass half full side of the sexist voter narrative they might just notice that if they can find a remotely credible candidate to back next time then it should be a landslide.

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