‘Harmless Fun’ at the Women’s Equality Party Party

A quick update on the Women’s Equality Party’s double standard when it comes to fundraising events involving a bit of risqué adult entertainment.

Earlier in December EYEbroke the news that ‘comedian’ Kate Smurthwaite took a star turn at the Women’s Equality Party’s Christmas comedy fundraising night wearing little more than a large erect black strap on dildo.

In a free country you pays your money and you makes your choice as the saying go, so fair enough as far as it’s fair enough, except for the fact that two days later WE’s leader Sophie Walker attempted to publicly shame some community minded blokes for holding their own night of risqué adult entertainment.

My original post had a higher than average amount bit of traffic and curiously someone has only gone to all the bother of putting up a ‘members only’ sign on the youtube footage of Kate in all her alter ego’s all in all.

It’s almost as if someone, somewhere, slightly agrees with my observation that Kate and Sophie might be seen to be guilty of indulging in some (mi)low double standards…


A Gentleman’s evening of comedy and strippers might not be to everybody’s taste but then again neither is a night of feminist comedy where the headliner strips down to her underpants.

Unsurprisingly, given the prices at the door and respective venue capacities, Barking FC had more to lose if they had to pull the plug on their fully licensed fundraiser.

Happily Sophie didn’t succeed in torpedoing their efforts but under the circumstances there was more than a little sense of networked feminists wanting to have their cake and eat it about her intervention.

Speaking of licensing laws, EYEis no expert but as far as EYEcan ascertain there are plenty of strip clubs operating in London and the relevant regulations are the responsibility of each individual council, who also collect a nice levy for their trouble.


So in this particular case it’s the responsibility of  Barking and Dagenham Council to decide whether Alex and Lacey stripping down to their undies is a working man’s club is a bit of harmless fun or not.

Ironically enough the Head of Barking and Dagenham Council is none other than Mr Sophie Walker which is yet one more reason why Sophie might want to check out the flowers in her own back yard before calling anyone else a ‘sexist idiot’.

Better still, if she feels that strongly about changing local licensing regulations she could stand in the next council election and see how that works out for her.


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