Is Kate Smurthwaite a Tad Racist?

Probably not. But she has taken to parading around with a giant black dildo strapped to her groin so it would be remiss not to ask if she isn’t at least indulging in a bizarre double act of cultural appropriation and sexual stereotyping? EYEconsider…

Some of you may recall that back in January, investment banker turned feminist ‘comedianne’ Kate Smurthwaite livened up Aunty Beeb’s Sunday morning religious and ethics show by shrilly* calling for the imprisonment of one journalist (because she doesn’t like his opinion) while backing up another’s entirely false claims about attempted assassinations.


*Shrill: 1. high-pitched and piercing in sound quality. 2. betraying some strong emotion or attitude in an exaggerated amount, as antagonism or defensiveness.

Given the sort of year that we’ve just had it shouldn’t be entirely surprising to learn that this week Radio 4 were paying her part of our hard earned license fee to share her views about ‘toxic masculinity’ on a show ostensibly presenting as a thoughtful discussion about ‘male inadequacy’.

Her token sexist slot on The Male Room seems about the most inappropriate booking this side of Dapper Laughs trading bantz on Women’s Hour but Smurthwaite was on safer ground with her other big gig this week.

Because she rounded off the year in style entertaining the troops with her one man show at the Women’s Equality Party comedy Christmas fundraiser.


Preformed in the guise of male alter ego Milo Standards (see what she did there),  her latest venture apparently delves into the murky world of men’s rights activists and online trolls before building to a (ahem) musical climax where she parades around a tiny stage wearing little more than a large erect black plastic dildo.

Which EYEguess if nothing else only goes to prove that WEbelieve that dick jokes are better for everybody.

Frankly it’s the funniest thing she’s done since showing herself up on Celebrity Come Dine with Me and even if she’s not going to win any prizes for her double entendre  delivery, her performance does more than enough to maintain her crown as the Queen of double standards (see what EYE did there).

It remains to be seen whether or not her latest turn will excite the kids at Goldsmiths into action but in the meantime if you’re feeling especially brave here’s a sneak peek….

Needless to say **Trigger Warnings Apply***

Update: Sorry folks, whoever put the footage up appears to have gone to the bother of changing the privacy settings on their youtube clip to private. EYEcan’t think why, after all it’s only a bit of harmless fun….


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