EYE on International Men’s Day 2016


For the second year running EYE will be marking #InternationalMensDay by taking to twitter and doing my level best to improve upon a certain comedian’s annual act of self promoting social justice pendantry.

For the uninitiated this involves me committing 24 hours (of the 8,760 available annually) to the task of correcting anyone expressing that tired old cliche that ‘every day is international men’s day’ (when it’s only really November 19th).


Last year EYE spent the day promoting a very long list of International observance and commemorative days that aren’t remembered on November 19th, including of course #InternationalWomensDay which EYE celebrate every March 8th.

Hopefully I won’t have to work my way all the way round the calendar this year and along the way help to re-frame some negative perceptions and support  the positive aims of the Men and Boys Coalition.


Inequalities in outcomes for men and boys are very real and increasingly relevant.  Acknowledgement of their existence does not detract or distract from the ongoing struggle to address the many different types of inequalities that women and girls experience.


A lot of important issues were highlighted during this year’s parliamentary debate on male inequalities but sadly, yet again, we also witnessed another so called ‘champion of equality’ uttering the same old sexist put down…


Which is why I kicked off this year’s activities by bringing Polar Bear Swim Day (January 1st) to the attention of the SNP’s Equalities Spokesperson.

This is the thing where I’m tired in politics now, I’m tired of people being in opposition.  I think that what happens sometimes is that a Government or a leader of the opposition has a great idea and the other side automatically decides it’s rubbish, or decides to rubbish it, and that needs to stop.

We need to start having a conversation now and stop shouting. Sandi Toksvig 2016



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