For the Uninitiated: Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice Warrior (SJW): Is a pejorative term for someone who champions social justice issues in a shallow, illogical or biased manner for the purpose of self validation or enhancing their own personal status or reputation.


There are a number of basic behavioral traits that help to distinquish between Social Justice Warriors and genuine advocates of fair treatment and rights for marginalized groups.

  1. Judgemental behavior:  SJW’s are particularly known for judgemental and authoritarian attitudes to others. They will seek to impose their own politically correct standards and speech rules on others. liberals
  2. Authoritarian Attitude Towards Non-Compliance: SJW’s are generally extremely comfortable with exceptionally excessive penalties for perceived transgressions of the social justice code.  SJW’s have been responsible for a number of high profile public shaming incidents which can often lead to people experiencing significant detriment including losing their employment.,


  3. Double Standards: SJW’s will often display similar or worse traits to the people they target. Passive aggressive tactics are especially popular but SJW’s also often use extremely provocative language and display shamelessly overt  confrontational behaviour..internet
  4. Personal Immunity: SJW’s will often seek to excuse such double standards by arguing that they are ‘punching up’, speaking truth to power or that that there is no such things as reverse sexism / racism etc (because oppression is about power structures and therefore it is not possible for a woman / person of colour etc to be sexist racist etc)..blm
  5. Lack of Self Awareness: SJWs generally struggle to consider other people’s perspectives and consequently can often behave in a remarkably ridiculous manner in company.  The following video was taken by a SJW who wanted to document her conversation with a ‘racist’ taxi driver.


  6. Shameless Cherry-picking: SJW’s love to use statistics to support their preferred narrative but they are also notorious for ignoring facts that don’t fit with or would undermine their position.  They will even blatantly misrepresent data to further their cause.  A good example was the claim made by Black Lives Matter UK that over 1,500 BME people have been killed in police custody or pursuit since 1990.  The correct number is 156 and BME people are actually statistically much less likley to be killed than white people..


  7. Shallow & Self Centered: SJW’s don’t necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the issues or groups they champion. They will often engage in online debates often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, primarily for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation.indexxxxx
  8. The law of inevitable intersectional injustice: Just as every revolution is said to eat it’s own, SJW’s always inevitably find them self being judged guilty of crimes against social justice.  SJW’s exist in an environment where perceived oppression and victim-hood create currency and status which means that they will always end up offending someone more oppressed than them..CpmvPHzUMAA502J
  9. Comedy Gold: SJW’s are extremely easy to mock.


  10. Do NOT engage: SJW may appear ridiculous but they can also be very dangerous.  If you are attacked by a SJW refer to the SJW Attack Survival Guide immediately.

    Do NOT panic.
    Do NOT try to reason with them.
    Do NOT apologise.
    Do NOT resign.

    Accept it is happening and document EVERYTHING.



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