Soc-Jus Joy Camp Alumni: @VeepPhillips

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“The student has written to apologise personally for her actions.”

Name: @Veephillips,

Profession: Student

Soc-Jus Charge: Tweet-crime; youth speak; attempted virtual aqua murder

Soc-Jus Sentence: Thought-Plod Visit; Disciplinary Procedures; twitter unpersoned

Joy Camp Designation:  August 2016


Sister Phillips: was found guilty of a tweet crime against a party member Thangam Debbonaire in July 2016.

Member Thangam had to be evacuated to a party panic room after receiving a malicious communication from Sister Phillips via prole feed demanding that she “get in the sea”.


After some initial confusion a representative from the party youth league was able to verify that the term was a popular form of modern parlance used by student types to express their disdain or dissatisfaction with something.

Get in the Sea: When something or someone is so unbelievably stupid, the only response is to demand its devolution to an amphibious state.

Having established that a cowardly constituent had quite literally directed her to remove herself from the gene pool, Sister Debbonaire understandably interpreted this as  “a threat to kill” and demanded that Bristol UniSoc take immediate action.

Disciplinary processes soon sprung into action:

“As soon as we became aware of the tweet, we contacted Thangam’s office to discuss the matter and apologise for the distress caused. We expect the highest standards of behaviour from our students, whether on University premises or elsewhere.

“As such we have written to the student in accordance with the University’s disciplinary procedures to explain that we considered the tweet unacceptable and to remind them of their responsibilities when using social media.

“The student has since writte to Thangham to apologise personally for her actions.” Bristol UniSoc SpokePers

Thoughts from the Chestnut Tree Cafe Collective:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 18.52.45

“Get in the sea” is a phrase popularised by the comedy writer Andy Dawson via the @getinthesea Twitter account, recently spun off into a book of the same title. It’s used as a splenetic insult, intended to humorously highlight perceived idiocies with deliberately over-the-top vitriol – “highlighting people and things that need to get in the f*****g sea,” as its Twitter profile says.

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