Judgy McJudger Gold Medal Award Ceremony

EYEreveal the winner of the gold medal for gold standard Judgy McJudging during the recent deluge of oppression Olympics themed media misandry.


If you’re wondering what all the professional feminists and mainstream media social justice judges are going to do now that the Olympics have finally ended then shame on you and kindly deduct ten intolerance points for forgetting that the Paralympics start in a fortnight.

Because the sad reality is that Oppression Olympics have become a permanent pervasive perennial fixture in our calendar, especially amongst people who don’t really like proper sports.  Let’s face it all those lattes and slices of #FeministZelotCake aren’t going to pay for themselves.


Even so, after a hectic month of #everydaysexism it literally pays to take stock of the many ways that the world is gripped by an epidemic of sport sponsored sexism (apart from the many ways that don’t count, obviously).

At the Judgy Judges closing award ceremony the virtually unanimous  consensus was that the Gold Medal for crimes against common sense and sensibility went to John Inverdale for not showing enough respect to the discipline of doubles tennis (possibly because TV broadcasters and viewers alike generally focus on the singles side of things or something).

Or as Mark Sweeney put it, (in the sort of headline that would have deserved a judgy headline itself had the shoe been on the other foot) Andy Murray slaps down John Inverdale’s claim he was the first to win two tennis gold.

Seeing Inverdale dominate the list like this makes you excited about what he’ll get up to in 2020. Maybe he’ll start an earthquake, or offend the entire Asian continent. Some Judgy Judger @ The Guardian

Yip, these are judgy times we live in and by the way, if you’re suffering under the false impression that Andy Murray was the last Brit to win Wimbeldon then deduct ten more tolerance points and do try and keep up.  Truth is he wasn’t even the first Murray brother to win wimbeldon.

So in the interest of balance EYEthought it only fair to award a Gold medal for gold standard Judgy Mcjudging double standards….

And the award goes to…

drum roll

The entire joke of Judgy McJudgers (and yes that is the correct collective noun) for failing to bat a single eye-lash when Claire Balding spectacularly out Inverdaled the much put upon John Inverdale.

In the interest of full disclosure EYEhas great respect for Balding and agree with Auntie Beeb’s official perspective that ‘simple errors are bound to happen’ when you’ve spent almost an entire month running around the Olympic village doing live broadcasts and thinking up shit to say to people.

But if we must turn into a nation of petty Judgy McJudgers, is it too much to ask for just a little consistency…?

Because on the night before the closing ceremony, Claire Balding had the following exchange with Silver medalist Lutalo Muhammad live on BBC1’s prime-time Saturday night coverage:

CB: With a bronze medal from London and a silver medal from here you are our most successful British taekwondo star aren’t you?

LM: Yes I am the most successful male in GB Taekwondo history so I have a lot to be proud of.

And before  you think that I’m suggesting that this little gaff was on par with Andy Murray’s Inverdale slap down, to clarify I’m not…

Based on a fair and equitable scale of Judgy McJudging it was actually much, much worse because just minutes earlier Rio’s equivalent to Gazza had admitted that he wasn’t remotely ashamed to admit what a huge inspiration double Olympic Gold Medal winner Jade Jones had been to him.

jade jones

Then again maybe Balding just reckons that Jones taekwondo kicks like a girl, or something…

Or maybe EYEis just suggesting the radical notion that John Inverdale and Claire Balding are both human.

Don’t believe me… It’s at the 1.06 mark on I-Player:http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07qtsd5/olympics-day-15-bbc-one-17502210


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