Code word: Ryan Gossling

Has former Labour parliamentary candidate Kate Godfrey just blown the whistle on a super secret back channel between the sistershood, the media and special branch? EYEinvestigate.


Before anyone gets too excited about conspiracy theories involving some sort of pink eyed Illuminati, EYEshould clarify that Kate Godfrey is almost certainly talking nonsense.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.51.08

Nevertheless,  during a late night twitter exchange, she did make some bizarre claims about a secret ‘feminist mailing list‘ which may or may not involve the code word ‘Ryan Gosling‘.


For the uninitiated: Kate Godfrey stood as a parliamentary candidate in Stafford which was one of Labour’s key target seats in the 2015 general election.

After losing, she put herself forward as a candidate to contest a bi-election in Oldham triggered by the death of long-serving Labour MP Michael Meacher.


When announcing her application Godfrey declared that it “would be a remarkable statement about the people who matter to the Labour party now if {they] rejected a disabled, working class woman candidate who has in the past depended on benefits.

Ultimately the local leader of Oldham Council, Jim McMahon was selected and retained the seat with 62% of the vote.

Predictably Kate is another AWS alumni who appears comfortable with employing provocative language when it suits her purposes only to cry foul if it generates a negative response on social media.  Arguably her finest hour to date involved calling Labour’s Director of Strategy ‘a fascism apologist‘ who knows less about world affairs than she does.

She’s a strong supporter of the #labourbullying narrative that has dogged Jeremy Corbyn since he upset the establishment by becoming party leader and this week she joined in a JK Rowling inspired dogpile targeting Vox Political  journalist Mike Siver over his reaction to the latest Jess Phillips MP headline.

Oh and she also reckons Nigel Farrage is a ‘total fucking arsehole‘.

Anywho… My curiosity was peaked by her retort to a gentleman tweeter who had the audacity to suggest that Jess Phillips has hijacked the plight of abuse victims for political gain…

So EYEdecided to ask her a relatively simple question…

And in fairness, initially got an apparently straight answer…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.43.46

So EYEprobed a little further…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.43.58

At which point Godfrey claimed that the police have a ‘feminism mailing list‘ and that she receives notifications about active police investigations.

Leading to the inevitable follow-up question….

Which Kate artfully dodged, whilst also appearing to backtrack from her previous claim…

And also made light of my request for clarification about her claim about the mailing list in a retweet that for some reason she subsequently deleted…


She then seemed to suggest that various mainstream media sources have confirmed that there is an active investigation into threats made against Phillips…

And then shifted gears back to sarcasm when EYEchallenged this suggestion….

EYEmay not know the intricate details of how policing works but am at least able to comprehend their duties relating to the Freedom of Information Act.

And during the course of two relatively detailed open source investigations into Jess Phillip’s abuse claims have been able to establish that the one alleged death threat (made against Phillips’ kids) that police investigated after the ‘torrents of twitter abuse‘ headlines last November was tracked to an address in Germany.

What’s more, contrary to a claim Phillips made on the Victoria Derbyshire show, West Midlands Police have confirmed that they do not actively monitor correspondence to her social media accounts.

Phillips claimed they did the day after she allegedly received between 600 and 5,000 ‘rape threats’ over a 24 hour period. Interestingly, despite the quite remarkable headlines that appeared in the BBC, Guardian etc, Phillips appears not to have wasted any precious police time over the incident.

This may be because she reckoned that the anonymous ring leaders of her abuse were based in America….

Again EYEmay not know how policing works but anyone who has remotely payed proper attention to the story can tell you that the alleged ‘ring leader’ is actually a self-employed father of two from Swindon with a social media profile that dwarfs Phillip’s own.

And so after one final exchange…

Godfrey predictably reached for the button reserved for genuine victims of internet abuse and chancers who have lost their presumed moral high ground…


So some say suggestions of a super secret, self styled ‘Saphic SPECTRE’ sanctioned by Special Branch’s sisterhood sub-section still seem somewhat spurious (try saying that after a few pints).


That said EYEtook the precaution of asking JK Rowling if she is currently a member of any secret societies and curiously she has yet to issue an official denial….

Super Secret Update: 22 Aug

So fellow tweeter @LeoToAquarius shared this post with Kate who (predictably) had a good laugh at the thought that someone out there in plebsville might seriously think she’s part of a feminist Illuminati.

Hilariously she traded jolly japes with the Leader of Camden Council about it and even JK got in on the joke.

In fairness it’s not a bad joke, even if EYEdo say so myself.

And as far as made up conspiracy theories go at least it doesn’t exploit rape victims.

Mind you Kate’s irony meter is clearly still on the blink, as is her attention to detail. And sadly when poor LeoToAquarius clarified that she actually agreed with my perspective, Ms Godfrey replied in that kinder gentler manner that Labour members seem so sensitive about these days.

Life’s too short to repeat all the ways that she sweetly stuck the boot in but, amongst other things, she called her illiterate, too stupid to understand content, willfully obtuse and wholly misogynistic.

And that was after she’d cited Occam’s razor as an argument to debunk my, oh so serious, conspiracy theory…

Based on the same basic principle of logic (and swapping out chauvinism for misogyny) EYE’s latest theory is that Kate may very well have a habit of looking in the mirror when communicating with lesser beings …


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