Shut Your Cake-hole Phillip Davies


It’s fascinating to watch how quickly a story can develop in this modern networked digital age.

The Guardian’s ‘breaking news reporter‘ Jamie Grierson was quick off the blocks on Friday morning with a world exclusive about a Tory MP who claims that Britain’s legal system is skewed in favour of women.

In case you haven’t had your unconscious bias training and are wondering if this exclusive should be filed in the ‘no shit Sherlock’ section, EYEshould clarify that the Honorable Member for Shipley was being accused of doing a very bad thing indeed.

Because although he provided reams of data from Theresa May’s recent Home Office to back up his perspective, Phillip Davies had the audacity to express his opinion at a conference about (whisper it) ‘men’s rights’.

It’s hard to believe that the adults in the editorial team of the Guardian genuinely believe that Mike Buchannan’s clumsy and occasionally odious J4MB Party should be made a proscribed organisation for their thought-crimes but their hit piece certainly made it clear that a Member of Parliament shouldn’t be sharing a platform with them.

And in case that wasn’t enough to prompt an entirely spontaneous public shaming incident, Grierson layed it on thick with a list of Davies’ crimes against social justice,

For the uninitiated these have included campaigning for Brexit, ‘tabling a private member’s bill that would have repealed the Sex Discrimination Act 2002‘ (in plain English, opposing female only parliamentary short-lists), suggesting that ‘women were treated more favorably in the family courts‘ and worst of all claiming that radical feminist zealots ‘want women to have their cake and eat it.”

While all the other political parties are looking the other way, we at WE are cooking up a recipe for equality that tastes good to our growing membership and future voters. And being a collaborative, non-partisan group of people, we are very happy to share the recipe. Because equality tastes good to everyone. So best get baking, boys. Sophie Walker

In no time at all Sophie Walker had magically popped up to declare that MPs like Davies make me proud to be a feminist zealot and by dinner time Grierson was gleefully announcing that pressure mounts on Prime Minister to respond to Philip Davies’ ‘feminist zealots’ comments after that Labour leader, MPs and women’s rights activists call on Theresa May to suspend him.

By the time Jeremy Corbyn was being troubled into a bit of virtue signalling some of those brave woman’s rights activists had encouraged the sisterhood to speak their truth to power by tweeting the MP pictures of themselves eating cake.  Or as Millennial Magazine Mashable put it British Politician makes comment about feminists, women have the perfect response.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.46.01

Egged on by Guardian columnist  Ellie Mae O’Hagan, the Communications Director and Campaign Manager of social justice charity Some of Us spent the afternoon busily co-ordinating the sort of twitter dog-piling ‘abuse’ incident  that Jess Phillips is quite happy to support, as well as setting up the painfully (albeit unintentionally) ironic facebook group feminist who like to eat cake.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 20.19.26

The usual suspects lapped it up obviously but the most ridiculous thing about the entire ‘shut your cake hole Phillip Davies shit show’ was that it is manufactured entirely around a speech that he had actually made over a month ago and a perspective he has been pushing for years.

With the one exception of Jenny Earle from the Prison Reform Trust (who lobbies for the rights of women offenders), everyone involved in the small but influential and almost entirely white London eccentric echo chamber where far too busy congratulating themselves on having their cake and eat it to even remotely engage with Davies’ fact filled argument.

We’ve seen today [with] all of this social media hysteria, I’m arguing for equality, I’m asking for men and women to be treated the same. Is anyone actually engaging in that argument? No. They’re hurling abuse, they’re trying to quieten the debate because they don’t really believe in equality.  Phillip Davies MP

EYEis working on the assumption that anyone who has read this far will either be rolling their eyes at the absolute lunacy of such shenanigans or have already decided that EYEbelong in social justice joy camp along with the men’s rights activists.

It seems entirely pointless to pick out some of the various examples of hypocrisy at play here, especially when the primary players do such an effective job by themselves….

But on the off chance that anyone is still sitting on the fence regarding the question of whether or not it might be reasonable to suggest that radical feminist zealots might really want their cake and eat it, EYEwill end with a link to an example of the Guardian’s own approach to promoting diversity and protecting their people from harassment of work.



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  1. I daresay the author needs to retake that unconscious bias training. Calling J4MB ‘clumsy and occasionally odious’ is more than a little bit generous. Their website quotes a book from 1913 stating that women are not ‘intellectually and morally equivalent’ to men.
    The issues that Davies brings up ARE feminist issues. They argue that patriarchy is damaging to men and women, and society at large. But his whole speech was anti-feminist from start to finish, framed with the immature notion that feminism is anti-men. It’s probably because feminists keep laughing at him for not being able to understand that in the first place.
    We should do more to highlight issues like the prevalence of male suicide and differential treatment in the justice system. But feminists online react angrily because you make these arguments as being important INSTEAD of women’s issues. You say ‘Feminism is idiotic. These men’s issues are what really matters.’ You are hurting a valid cause by refusing to accept legitimate feminist issues. The criticism you make of feminism is exactly what you do yourselves.
    Davies and others should join to start a new party: Justice for Boys. Because they’re acting like spoiled little brats.

    • Thanks for your input Josh.

      One person’s concept of anti-feminism is another person’s concept of feminism.

      The issues that Davies brings up may very well be feminist issues but the type of ‘feminists’ who were tweeting him pictures of cake clearly have no interest in them.

      Interestingly someone has started a petition demanding his resignation on behalf of his constituents. They’re not a constituent but they are a member of a rival political party.

      If you’re thinking of signing it then you’re probably the type of feminist that believes that what WE want is better for everyone and if U don’t agree then U should be ridiculed or shamed.

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