The Glass Blind Spot: #Reclaim The Internet Special

Glass Blindspot

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 17.02.16EYE EXAMINE:

Welcome to a collection of articles examining the Labour Party lead #ReclaimThe Internet campaign aimed at addressing online abuse.

Starting with a summary of the campaign’s goals, actions and criticisms to date, over the following pages EYEconsider some of the problems identified by participants of their crowd sourcing ideas initiative and consider how the campaign has been exploited for political purposes in the recent Labour leadership challenge.

EYEhas conducted detailed assessments of some of the extraordinary abuse case studies promoted by Labour MP’s Yvette Cooper and Stella Creasey at the campaign launch.  EYEalso examine Jess Phillip’s remarkable ‘thousands of rape threats’ claim and discuss the importance of accurate press reporting with former MP Jo Swinson.

Finally EYEexplain the concept of quantum superstate feminism, consider why Yvette Cooper has picked an easy enemy to demonize, and point out one reason why Jess Phillips is so scared of gender equity.

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