EYE Review – Wimmin Ghostbusters

Haters are going to hate…

The Guardian was always going to love it….

And the embargoed reviews have been relatively (and predictably) right down the middle, averaging 6.5 out of 10 on the tomato-meter…

Time will tell how it is ultimately remembered but a while ago EYEventured the suggestion that people under the age of 12 are probably best qualified to judge the merits of a 12 rated comedy show about wacky scientists chasing ghosts…

So with that thought in mind EYEtreated a little Bloke and a little lady Bloke to a matinee performance yesterday and can confirm that there was much giggling and merriment throughout the main event.

It also turns out that Mrs Bloke used to be a massive fan of the cartoon series (who knew), which explains why she practically jumped out of the seat in excitement when scrounging spectral scallywag fan favorite slimer made a welcome appearance.

So happy faces all round, pretty much.

My own humble subjective opinion on the matter would settle on more of a mid point…mewh but being over the age of 12, you know… whatever.

After all the hype about misogynistic haters and girl power succession planning, my main apprehension was that little blokes might leave feeling like they’ve been left on the outside of this summer tent pole family extravaganza but, even if the beefcake secretary was the butt of the best jokes, there was little evidence of mean minded misandry as far as EYEcould see.

Indeed between the hater hype that informed it’s marketing strategy and Chris Hemsworth’s scene stealing performance it is entirely possible that ‘both literally and metaphorically’ stupid blokes will end up being the most memorable thing about the entire venture.

There are plenty of laughs to be had, especially in the first half, but with the best will in the world this movie was only ever going to be a pale imitation of a childhood classic for people of a certain age

Inevitably enough the all Wimmin casting angle turns out to be the most original aspect of a fairly predictable rehash of it’s franchise inspiring 1984 source material so it would be slightly churlish to over analyse their performances.

Kate McKinnon stands out from the Saturday night crowd and my main criticism would be to concur with the much reported friendship shaped hole missing in the dynamics between the Akroyd and Murray re-imagining.

So in conclusion, the dick jokes were better in my day but it’s not the boy bashing disaster it could have been and the kids should have a blast…


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