EYE on Media Misandry: Better for Everyone


Darn it.  Slight change of plan.

EYEhad planned to present a case study on constructive criticism to compare and contrast with the web we want (but can’t have without superstate intervention because of an epidemic of online abuse) narrative that the Guardian has been pushing heavily over the past fortnight.

EYEhad planned to base this on the substantial number of comments that the Women’s Equality Party You Tube Channel has attracted for their quite remarkable Party Political Broadcast London Mayoral.


If you haven’t seen it yet I’ve included it below and yes… it is everything you might expect it to be.

It’s a glossy affair, scripted by Abi Morgan no less, during which a succession of white middle class women (and two black men) explain WE’s big ideas for our capital, like ring fenced investment state funding, state imposed quotas and handy travel apps.

Despite obvious efforts to tick all the right diversity boxes, their vision of London in 2016 reminded me of the post pod people San Francisco portrayed in the 1970 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers…. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me…

There is a strange stillness in the air throughout and the streets of the UK’s most densely populated city portrayed in the video appear to have experienced a recent drastic depopulation event, affecting Londoners in general, and white males in particular (apart from one nervously twitching evil dad who’s clearly living on borrowed time).

By the time that Sophie Walker pops up on a park bench to softly reassure everyone left that ‘equality is better for everyone‘, I was half expecting her to do a Diana out of V and pull back her skin, revealing herself to be one of the blue haired, fish face pouting race of alien overlords that have assumingly ‘visited’ our capital.

diana v

Anyway that was the original plan….(present a case study).

EYEhad planned to refer to the pages of comments, from women and men alike, almost exclusively criticising WE’s ridiculous vision.

EYEhad planned to note and quote some of the polite, adult and exclusively ‘non abusive’ comments, pointing out that no other political party would get away with such dodgy visuals and that, amongst other things, the NSPCC report that girls are more likely to experience abuse at the hands of their mothers and, as priorities go, equality for girls in education establishments seems slightly selfish… (what with the crisis in educational outcomes for boys).

But sadly someone over at WEcentral clearly noticed the writing on the digital wall and flicked a switch turning off the comments section.

So sadly no case study.

That said if the thumbs up – to thumbs down ratio that they haven’t been able to hide is anything to go by then, then I expect Sophie and Sandi may be getting a little nervous about that £20,000 losable deposit they had to stump up to secure the right to pump their extremely white middle class self centered style of feminist propaganda into the homes of our capitol.

Then again WE have assimilated over 47,000 members in less than a year.  They claim to have already established 65 regional bases scattered throughout the UK so maybe, just maybe they’ll surprise everyone and take city hall.  Maybe by the end of next week they’ll be starting a programme of government focused on convincing every home in the Greater London area that equality is better for everyone.

EYEexpect that WEwill be happy to send a representative round to YOURhome if you have any questions.


Don’t have nightmares, have a good nights sleep and it’ll probably all make perfect sense in the morning.


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