A Question (To the MN Moderators)


Eye is Bloke <eyeisbloke@gmail.com>
Apr 1 to contactus
Hi Mumsnet,

I reported what I think was pretty obvious bullying behaviour on two of your talk threads earlier and was disappointed to find that your response was to simply delete the entire thread.

Would it possible to get some feedback on why you decided to do this and also if possible, a bit more info on what is / isn’t acceptable on your website and who is allowed to use it?



Re: To think the ‘Disrespect NoBody’ ad | EYE like a nice rich tea myself. How | rpt-278243

MN Report Post via helpscout.net
Apr 4 (5 days ago)

to me
Hi there Eyeisbloke,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The reason we removed the thread was because we had several reports from Mumsnetters who found the OP post to be deliberately inflammatory, specifically:

‘If anyone want’s to discuss biscuits or try to control an inclusive and respectful discussion about people who display abusive and controlling behaviours then I would respectfully request that they start their own thread.’

As the thread quite quickly descended into a a bit of a bunfight, we felt that it was best to remove it.

Here are our Talk guidelines – which we hope clarifies things a bit more. While we always welcome robust debate, we do try to draw the line at posts and threads that are on the goady side.

Best wishes

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 3:46 PM BST, Eyeisbloke <eyeisbloke@gmail.com> wrote:
Thread: To think the ‘Disrespect NoBody’ ad campaign is horribly sexist? #2

eyeisbloke ( eyeisbloke@gmail.com ) has submitted a report:

Hi, I’m reporting this post as an example of a bigger problem that will hopefully be obvious if you check this and the related thread. I guess my complaint is about misleading or deliberately inflammatory behaviour and more generally General Ps and Qs. I support free speech and I’m not asking you to censor this or other comments but if you agree that this sort of behaviour could be perceived as bullying and that it may be intended to silence alternate opinions then I would appreciate it if a moderator would join the discussion and offer a few pointers about how the discussion could best continue in a way that is respectful and welcoming to all your users. Thanks EiB

Reported post (direct link)

MattDillonsPants (Fri 01-Apr-16 12:34:22):

EYE like a nice rich tea myself. How about you?


Eye is Bloke <eyeisbloke@gmail.com>
Apr 5 to MN
Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your response which is appreciated and useful.

I can accept that some of your users may have genuinely perceived my post as an attempt at goading. All I can say about that is that it was genuinely not my intention to goad anyone and I have absolutely no interest in getting into a bun fight with adult users of a discussion forum on parenting.

I was genuinely shocked to discover the remarkable behaviour that is acceptable on your network and note that you haven’t acknowledged or responded to the concerns that I raised about this (see below).

Last week I wanted to post a comment in support of one of you OP’s and found that I couldn’t due to the extremely questionable and childish behaviour of other users. The purpose of opening a related thread was solely to allow myself to post my supporting comment and allow anyone else wanting to post a comment fair opportunity to do so.

Having read your guidelines about keeping intervention to a minimum, the decision to ‘nix’ the thread instead of simply moderating the behaviour of users commenting on it seemed more like mumsnet taking the side of insidious chauvinistic behaviour than it did like protecting your users from the perception of possible goading.

I made a second attempt to open a discussion thread (see below). Despite additional efforts to avoid the possibility of appearing unreasonable, this thread was again very quickly populated with extremely hostile, offensive and sexist posts and was also deleted within a couple of hours.

Having read a little more about the the regular trolling your site appears to experience, I can to a certain extent, accept that male users like myself may regrettably expect to experience a degree of chill factor and heavy handed censorship. Frankly, I am less concerned about the blatant sexism I witnessed than I am about the ugly and extremely overt bullying behaviour that appeared to be directed at anyone (regardless of sex etc) on your forum who doesn’t like the dominant choice of biscuit.

I would ask you to advise what specific reasonable steps I need to take when posting on your network to avoid further exceptional censorship and how i can progress a complaint under your diversity policy?






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