Gender Mereology Studies #6: Feminist Falsification of Domestic Violence Statistics


A Gender Mereologist: is concerned with the state of being male and female (particularly with reference to social and cultural differences) within the wider context of being human.

Welcome students to a little hall of fame celebrating ladies and gentlemen with something to say that aspiring gender mereologists might get something out of.
yingyang3Feminist Falsification of Domestic Violence Statistics: Over the last forty years, feminist efforts to end violence against women has successfully dragged the concept of domestic abuse into the daylight.  They have been at the forefront of changing the legal status of domestic assaults, changing police and court practices, changing public attitudes and raising awareness of this issue.

Support services that have developed over this time largely adhere to the  “patriarchal dominance” theory of partner violence.  This essentially argues that violence against women is explained in terms of a power struggle and that in a patriarchal society those with all the power— males—must resort to violence when their position of dominance is threatened.

This theory continues to dominate despite overwhelming evidence that “patriarchal dominance” theory of partner violence can only explain a small part of domestic abuse.

Dr Murray Straus presents evidence to support the contention that the predominant reason for the patriarchal dominance focus has been caused by the efforts of feminists to conceal, deny, and distort the available evidence. Moreover, these efforts include intimidation and threats, and have been carried out not only by feminist advocates and service providers, but also by feminist researchers who have let their ideological commitments overrule their scientific commitments.

He argues that ignoring the overwhelming evidence available has crippled prevention and treatment programs and he suggests ways in which these programs might be improved by changing ideologically-based programs to programs based on evidence from the past 30 years of research.

Domination and glorification of violence are characteristics of patriarchal societies. . . . In patriarchy, women and children are defined in relation to men who control the resources and the power. Women and children are the other, the object. Men are the norm, the subject. In a dominance-and-submission social order, there is no true mutual care. Subordinates are to care for the needs of the dominants.  Carolyn Holderead Heggen


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