Gender Mereology Studies #3: About a Woman President


A Gender Mereologist: is concerned with the state of being male and female (particularly with reference to social and cultural differences) within the wider context of being human.

Welcome students to a little hall of fame celebrating ladies and gentlemen with something to say that aspiring gender mereologists might get something out of.

yingyang3About a Women President:  Ayn Rand – author, philosopher and the mother of Objectivism was a fascinating character with many interesting ideas.  She rejected the Christian concept of original sin and believed that all individuals deserve to be free to make any choices in life that didn’t involve initiating force against others.

She rejected the notion that men are superior to women or that women should have less freedom than men and she also thought that the women’s liberation movement comprised of phoneys looking for a state handout.  If you asked her wether a women was capable of holding the highest public office in America and wether she would vote for them, she would have given you two very different answers…

I haven’t read Rand’s essay and I’m not certain I would fully agree with her reasoning (something to do with ‘hero worship’ apparently), then again if I could fully get my my simple little head around it perhaps I would.

Either way I think Rand’s observations on the subject of a female President are worth reflecting on, especially if you’re one of Hilary Clinton’s champions or if you’re personally considering a career in politics (regardless of what might lie beneath your trouser suit).

Some people seem to believe that the (free) world would be a better place if it’s leader was a woman, I’m not convinced.  This may sound naive but a women doesn’t have to hold the most powerful seat in the land to change it. Wether it’s how she uses her vote or how she holds powerful men to account as she climbs the greasy political pole.  Personally I don’t think a female President would make one iota of a difference until the system that surrounds her seat has become worthy of her charge.

My interpretation of Rand’s response may stray slightly from her own intention but I doubt she would disagree.  I come from a land that’s had it’s fair share of female Presidents and in a country where, in my entire lifetime, the Head of State has always worn a skirt and yet wars still rage, people still sleep on streets and the disabled kill themselves as a direct consequence of her Government’s policies.

You don’t have to be President to stand tall and make a difference and why on earth should any American woman aspire to be Commander in Chief unless she believes she can serve her country without resorting to having to drop bombs on babies.

Until then you’d serve your country and constituents better by setting an example and acting like a politician worth voting for…


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 21.49.48



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