Gender Mereology Studies #2: The War on Boys


A Gender Mereologist: is concerned with the state of being male and female (particularly with reference to social and cultural differences) within the wider context of being human.

Welcome students to a little hall of fame celebrating ladies and gentlemen with something to say that aspiring gender mereologists might get something out of.

The Factual Feminist – The War on Boys: Christina Hoff Sommers is a writer, feminist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She reckons that ‘if hundreds of advocacy groups, scholars, journalists and politicians were routinely repeating false statistics that put women in a bad light, or understated their special vulnerabilities, [she] would be protesting that.” But given that we live in an age of trendy man-bashing she has decided to protest about that instead.

In her weekly you tube blog The Factual Feminist she uses a dignified, intelligent and data driven approach to call out the sisterhood on false claims, cruel comments and double-standards. Here she talks about how the education system is failing boys so badly. Find out more about Christina here.


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 21.49.48



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