The Glass Blindspot: International Non-Wassocks Day Special

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Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 17.02.16Is it cos EYEisBloke?:


Hi Kids and welcome to EYEisBloke’s International Non Wassocks Day Glass Blindspot Special, or as some of the Wassocks are calling it #EIBINWDGBSS!

If you’re not familiar with International Non Wassocks Day and the important issue it addresses you can find out all about it here: For the Uninitiated: International Non-Wassocks Day.

EYE celebrated this years International Non Wassocks Day by talking cock and comedy with TV’s Richard Herring.  We discussed wether or not a ‘politically correct’ joke about International Women’s Day can ultimately unnecessarily and uncharitably be used to undermine the feelings of vulnerable and disenfranchised victims of rape and domestic violence.

EYE also suggest how Richard could be my hero just for one day apologise for hurting his feelz and make him an offer he’ll probably refuse.

relax guys

Finally, as a special treat for anyone who understands how jokes work and is old enough to open a twitter account without having to ask their parents permission, EYE consider the comedian’s code of conduct and how it applies to the complex concept of: Punching Up

Be seeing you!

Start | For the Uninitiated: International Non Wassocks Day

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