For the Uninitiated: International Non-Wassocks Day.

International Non-Wassocks Day: is an imaginary social justice campaign day invented by comedian Richard Herring in support of International Women’s Day (which precedes it by two days on the 8th of March).

The farcical notion of an International Non-Wassocks Day was conceived as an extension to the joke that informs Herring’s social justice activism in support of International Women’s Day.

His narrative is essentially this:

The United Nations encourage the world to celebrate women, their achievements and the unique challenges they face for 24 hours (of the 8,760 annually available) on March 8th – International Women’s Day.

Herring has observed that a remarkable number of people take to twitter every year on International Women’s Day and cynically ask why there isn’t an International Men’s Day?

He caricatures these tweeters as ‘furious chauvinistic cheese helmets’ who are so distracted by the opportunity to manufacture injustice out of the existence of International Women’s Day that they are too stupid or lazy to take the time out of their privileged day to search out the fact that there actually is an International Men’s Day.

He also argues that such nonsense distracts focus away from International Women’s Day to the extent that March the 8th has become ‘International Idiot Men Saying: ‘International Women’s Day? When’s International Men’s Day?’ Day’.

From Herring’s perspective, asking why there isn’t an International Men’s Day? is a transparently self-centred act (especially when the question is asked on International Women’s Day).

In his experience men maintain such patriarchal privilege that every day is effectively International Men’s Day and therefore proposes that the least they could do is celebrate women on International Women’s Day, instead of having to make it about themselves.

As a compromise he has suggested that on the day after International Women’s Day we should observe International Wassocks Day which should be a day for all the people who ask why there isn’t an International Men’s Day (on International Women’s Day). For a twenty four hour period they can say whatever they like and no one can complain or get offended by their words.

Wassock: A stupid or annoying person.

Finally he argues that some of those wassocks will inevitably ask why there isn’t an International Non-Wassocks’ Day? so he also observes a day for all the non-wassocks who don’t ask why there isn’t an International Men’s Day on International Women’s Day.

Hence International Non-Wassocks’ Day.

Given the amount of media coverage Herring’s antics generate for him every year, some feminist have begun to think that March the 8th has effectively been co-opted by International Richard Herring Day but others argue that International Richard Herring Day should genuinely be celebrated on March 10th in order to acknowledge his monumental selfless act of twitter pedantry and virtue signalling undertaken in support of International Women’s Day.

Other critics believe that International Richard Herring Day should actually run parallel with International Wassocks’ Day given his open disdain for the notion of encouraging champions of gender equality to spend 24 hours (of the 8,760 annually available) promoting positive messages about men and reflecting on some of the unique challenges they face (instead of shamelessly insisting that every day is International Men’s Day for every man).


Champions of gender equality have observed that International Women’s Day has been successfully utilised to help challenge conscious and unconscious bias about women for decades and that, although the concept of promoting an International Men’s Day is comparatively new, both campaigns will inevitably continue to challenge chauvinism and celebrate positive stories about the sexes long after Richard Herring tires of obsessively admonishing his fellow social media users for their perceived privilege and sexism.

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