A Day Late and a Dollar Short

She’s the one most likely to be on your side when the bullies circle in. That’s her face, there, that one pushing in to save you, elbowing them out of the way. She’s the one who misses nothing: who buys no bullshit, fitted with a radar as keen as a rabbiting spaniel. Tilda Swinton (on Amy Schumer)

EYEhas been following the Amy Schumer mini twitter storm this week and came across a short piece on the subject which in less than 300 words manages to highlight why it is I believe that anyone with a broadband connection and the capacity for independent critical thought should have long since abandoned the Guardian as a credible source for news.

In ‘Amy Schumer chastises teen film critic for sexist tweet‘ – Benjamin Lee regurgitates the sorry tale of how someone TIME recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world felt the need to publicly humiliate a 17 year old movie critic after taking offence at his relatively tame and incredibly lame joke on twitter.

I say regurgitate because Lee’s contribution offered nothing new to the twenty odd versions of the story that had been published at least twenty four hours earlier, including coverage from The Mail and The Mirror who’s readers, you would have thought, would be more interested in reading about such whimsical title tattle.


Not only was Lee’s fawningly faux feminist friendly version of events delivered a day behind the pack but predictably, the two most interesting elements of the story were entirely notably by their absence.

As anyone actually paying attention as the story unfolded in real time could tell you, not everyone reacting on twitter was entirely convinced by the ‘sexist slut shaming’ narrative that followed it.

This was in part due to the titanic profile gap between the proposed victim (3 million followers, HBO Specials, Holywood film career etc) and a 17 year old boy (2k and a nerdy movie review website), but mainly it was because a lot of people also noticed that it was more than a little bit ridiculous, not to mention a tad hypocritical, for Amy to take the hump at the type of joke that she has built her entire career around.


It’s hard to say whether it’s lazy journalism, political bias or simply a desire to spoon feed their readers the sort of story they think they want to hear that results in the Guardian’s odd perception of the world these days.

If you’ve experienced their moderation policy you’ll know that political bias is certainly part of the problem but you have to wonder what level of contempt they have for their readership in general when on the very same page you’re invited to read a more realistic account Schumer’s preferred style of comedy.

‘Notwithstanding her claim that men get away with this kind of thing all the time, there aren’t many acts as frank and focused on sex as Schumer is in Live at the Apollo… including routines about the size and personality of her vagina, her democratic approach to oral sex (“I would let anyone go down on me …”) and her mixed feelings about semen.’  Brian Logan

The sad truth is that bigots are often so keen to make their point that they miss the point entirely and, in my humble subjective opinion, Lee’s analysis of this latest storm in a twitter feed is a good example.

In the immediate aftermath of Schumer’s mean spirited admonishment, various less famous tweeters chipped in with some ‘teaching moments’ of their own and a few less famous comedians started sharing their own unique experiences of apparently getting screwed by Schumer.

This resulted in the most interesting, and frankly news worthy aspect of the story unfolding, which was that she was accused from various quarters of nicking material from other, mostly female, comedians who had helped her on the way up.

What has always been amazing to me is that she purports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. If we call her on it we are “jealous” or career shamed. Be successful. WE want you to do well, just do it will your own material. BTW she blocked me. Tammy Pescatelli

On the bright side, as poor as the Guardian’s coverage was, at least it wasn’t as insane as the perspective Heather Saul over at The Independent took, who had the gaul to add it to the already dodgy online abuse narrative describing it as the latest example of a high profile woman turning the tables by sharing the accounts of the men who send them abuse to their millions of followers on social media.

What a time to be alive indeed!


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