EYE Review 2015 Part 4: #Big Sister Versus The Internet

Old Media New Media 

When Mx Bates recent wrote in the Guardian about the state funding crisis in specialist support services for domestic violence victims, she completely omitted any mention of one particular type of specialist services or the fact that the main charity for male victims (who’s funding runs out in three months) receives not state funding at all.

This is not remotely surprising because in my experience Mx Bates’ project and the Guardian appear to happy to indulge in a bit of #EveryDayDirectSexDiscrimination themselves when it suits them and depressingly it does seem to be something of an accepted trend in the liberal section of the London centric UK media at the moment.

The remarkably biased or poorly researched cut and paste efforts spewed out on a regular basis from some of this country’s main opinion makers goes quite a long way to explaining how in this age of equality such blatantly overt #EveryDayDirectSexDiscrimination can go unchecked.

By way of example consider the approach taken to coverage of social media trends like February’s ‘questions for men’ hilarity.

male tears

Indeed the perspective offered in this post is as likely to be shot down with patronizing crys of male tears, what about teh menz or worst still completely shut down with fainting couch claims of misogyny and sexism.

It is disgraceful enough that such matters are so often ignored but players like the Guardian actively contribute to a phenomenon that this year’s rising star of the inevitable pushback (Milo Yiannopoulos) describes as quantum state feminism.

Quantum Superstate Feminism: A phenomenon observed when feminist activism exists as both victim and aggressor when eliciting or exploiting preferential treatment from Big Government.

As the VAWG example shows this can have very real world implications for the way the state chooses to support and mould the society it purports to serve and it doesn’t necessarily bode well for those with a liberal free speech or libertarian point of view.


Labour leadership loser Yvette Cooper has recently reinvented herself as the self identifying savior of the internet with her #reclaimtheinternet campaign.  It’s not entirely clear who exactly she want’s to reclaim it from (Leonard Kleinrock and various other men who help invent and develop it?) but her intention appears to be more about claiming it for people like her by championing censorship and silencing views she disagrees with by labelling them as abusive trolls.

Harassment: When unwanted conduct related to a person’s sex causes a distressing, humiliating or offensive environment for that person


Decorations in the Guardian Office

It should go without saying that genuine harassment should always be addressed and the laws already exist to do exactly that but based on three of the four high profile cases Cooper referred to when launching her hashtag I seriously wonder who is briefing her and wether they didn’t sex up her dossier with a dose of #EveryDayDirectSexDiscrimination.  Don’t believe me check out this case study.

As Cooper has so ably shown, high profile western feminists are more concerned about someone using the shared space that is social media to call them ‘darling’ than they are about ISIS using it for recruitment purposes and to broadcast their public beheadings.


They’re also supremely arrogant or else they just don’t really understand how social media platforms work, most especially when they don’t especially work for them.


Online campaigns like the everyday sexism project are frequently lauded in the mainstream for inspiring a generation of networked feminist activism.  As the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club discovered this year, if Laura Bates doesn’t like your message, one tweet can set a social media frenzy outrage of poor PR proportions upon your head.

Meanwhile if you were one of the many people who took to twitter to politely admonish one of our democratically accountable representatives for their blatant sexism, then according to Cooper you have basically committed a thought crime.  Possibly the only thing more ridiculous than listening to Jess Phillips claim that she was a victim of  an unjustifiable co-ordinated attack by well organized misogynists is the fact that the publicly funded broadcasting Corporation that let her promote this perception without challenge regularly promote clicktivists like Mx Bates as role models for young woman.

The biggest element of it was an organized misogynistic group of people who were obviously talking to each other on some other bit of the internet and then I would get thousands of the same messages saying you hate men, your sons are disgusted to have a mother like you. Jess Phillips MP 

The Goldsmith Double Standard

London’s famous Goldsmith University was caught up in two old media amplified social media whirlwinds this year, which between them very clearly show exactly which way the wind is currently blowing when it comes to #EveryDayDirectSexDiscrimination

One involved the forced resignation of the Nobel Prize winning scientist Tim Hunt in a knee jerk reaction to the #distractinglysexy twitter storm that was sparked by the exaggerated claims of science journalist Connie St Louis.

One of the reasons that the story gained so much traction so quickly was because it just seemed such an unlikely tale of stereotypical misogyny in the year 2015.  The other reason was that it was quickly jumped on by those seeking to promote the wider Government Sponsored women into STEM campaign.  Fair enough as far as it’s fair enough but given that initial reports have turned out to have been exceptionally wide of the mark it is ironic that ultimately there is a good argument to suggest that the most high profile victim of #EveryDayDirectSexDiscrimination in science this year was in fact Tim Hunt himself.  Don’t take my word for it, check out Scientist Debbie Kennet’s thorough analysis of  the whole affair.

UCL’s knee jerk reaction to the Tim Hunt Kerfuffle stood in marked contrast to the way they sought to distance themselves from the controversy arising from some eyebrow raising allegations about their ‘Diversity Officer’ after she announced that men and white people weren’t welcome at an anti-inequality event run by the Student Union.

Whilst generously conceding that it was ‘unprofessional‘ to describe someone as ‘white trash‘ on a work account, gender studies graduate Bahar Mustafa brilliantly dismissed all allegations of sexism and racism levelled at her by explaining that, as an ethnic-minority woman, she ‘cannot be racist or sexist to white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender’.  Also the #killallwhitemen hashtag she was allegedly tweeting is just the way queer feminists express themselves these days.


And in fairness, is it any wonder that one of our modern day gatekeepers of equality has the confidence to declare herself entirely exempt from the Single Equality Act 2010 given the reaction we witnessed from some other extremely influential and privileged gatekeepers.

UCL’s position was simply that that it was the Student Union’s problem to deal with because Mustafa was “not an employee of the university and is not a student”.  In turn the Students Union issued a statement making it clear that they ‘stand in solidarity with Bahar Mustafa‘ and even expressed their disappointment about the eventual u-turn on the ‘no whites’ approach.  Meanwhile the Commissioning Editor at Independent Voices (who’s deputy was involved in the Tim Hunt Twitch-hunt) spoke out in her support and ‘speaking as-a-white-man [was] surprised-more-women-aren’t-tweeting-the-hashtag-killallwhitemen‘.

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