Take the Test: Are you an anti-feminist?


Is anyone out there still struggling to comprehend why on earth anyone in the year 2015 might seriously go to the extent of actively defining themselves as an ‘anti-feminist’?

If so let me draw your attention to three recent articles in the British press.


The first two, Feminism is over.  The battle is won. Time to move on. and Today’s feminists are so out of touch with how most women live, they might as well be on another planet cover similar ground and both involve two confident, competent contemporary western women describing how little they relate to and ridiculous they find modern day feminism, or feminism 4.0.


Inevitably the criticism that followed only served to prove their point.  First professional feminist Laura Bates attempted to argue that an echo chamber full of 1,000 professional feminists in a city with 8.5 million inhabitants somehow proved the first article was out of touch (#awkward).  Meanwhile the End Online Misogyny project went straight for the jugular of the second author by accusing Julia Hartley-Brewer of the big ‘ism’ tripple whammy of sexism, ageism and racism for daring to criticise the opinion of someone she shared the stage with in a public debate.


Hartley-Brewer’s article prompted an online debate between different generations of self identifying feminists about whether or not you’re a misogynist if you criticise a 17 year old feminist (even if they’re talking nonsense).  Meanwhile, on the very same day various journalists, including this one, were focusing on the fact that… for the very first time, in a Royal Kingdom not so very far far away, women were exercising their right to vote.

Of course they couldn’t actually drive to the polling booths, or use the same booths as the men when they got there but historically, not only could they vote but they could even stand for election (as long as they got permission from the male head of their household first).


In our society, men are scared of vaginas. This fear of vaginas has led to men obsessively controlling and hating women. Sometimes, I wish men would stop obsessing about my vagina. The key word here is ‘my’ — my vagina belongs to me, not to a man. Men hate women simply because we have vaginas instead of penises — that is a fact. June Eric-Udorie (aged 17 3/4) 

There are over fifty shades of feminism and (arguably) four distinct waves but if we take it to simply mean respect and equality between the sexes then… in my humble subjective opinion, the biggest anti-feminists are the self obsessed (and frankly self promoting) headbangers who argue that the first two articles are completely out of touch with the very vast majority of women and men in the UK as we slowly slouch towards the year two thousand and sixteen.


So if you find that this patriarchal society is limiting your life choices, are thinking of giving up sports in case it makes your arms look ‘muscly’, think that feminism will only triumph ‘when a woman goes up to collect the Oscar for Best Actress in shoes that aren’t killing her’ or worse still find yourself trolling a woman for speaking frankly about her experience of sexual assault then you might want to go and lie down in a safe space somewhere and have a good long hard think about exactly what time it is…

Or to paraphrase Alan Partridge… Stop Getting Feminism Wrong!



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