For the Uninitiated: Schrodinger’s Rapist

Schrodinger’s Rapist: is a term illustrating the concept that, in a society with a rape culture, not every man will become a rapist but a rapist can be any man.

The term references the famous Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment and appropriately can be used to both support and debunk the radical feminist notion that all men are rapists.

The concept was first presented in the essay ‘Schrodinger’s rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced‘ written the romance novelist, and feminist, Phaedra Starling.


She describes how a woman walking alone cannot determine whether an approaching man is an intending rapist or not until the encounter is over.  She then proposes it logically follows that every man is both a rapist and not a rapist at the same time.

When you approach me in public, you are Schrödinger’s Rapist. You may or may not be a man who would commit rape. I won’t know for sure unless you start sexually assaulting me. I can’t see inside your head, and I don’t know your intentions. If you expect me to trust you—to accept you at face value as a nice sort of guy—you are not only failing to respect my reasonable caution, you are being cavalier about my personal safety.  Phaedra Starling.


See also: Schrodingers feminist; Quantum superstate feminism


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