For the Uninitiated: Schrodinger’s feminist

 Schrodinger’s feminist: is a pejorative term purposed to illustrate the inherent contradiction that can exist within some radical feminist narrative, theory or perception of reality.

It is a variation on the popular interpretation of the famous quantum theory thought experiment devised by Nobel Prize winning scientist Erwin Schrodinger.

Schrodinger’s Cat illustrates a state known as quantum superposition which is based on the proposition that any two or more quantum states can be brought together (superposed) resulting in another valid quantum state.

The pusedoscientific variation on this theme proposes that if a radical feminist hides inside a box (echo chamber) containing some form of external stimuli (statistical data, a joke, an advertisment etc.) then it is impossible to determine what state can reasonably be observed in our shared reality until they finally emerge from the box.

The purpose of the thought experiment is to illustrate the contradictions and inconsistencies that can exist in some radical feminist narratives, theories or interpretation of data.  It proposes that a radical feminist can react to the same stimulus as both victim and aggressor in the same moment.


An example of this phenomenon can be drawn from the incident that sparked what is commonly known as the Tim Hunt Kerfuffle.

Within the box (safe space of the echo chamber) ‘Award winning journalist and scientist’ Connie St Louis can be reasonably offended (victim state) by a brief light hearted speech made by a famous male scientist (external stimuli) and therefore, understandably, feel compelled to prepare and send a detailed ‘tweet’ to the Royal Society complaining about his behaviour, simultaneously making the exaggerated claim that he stood up and called for segregated laboratories in front of a room full of female science journalists (aggressor state).

The superposed victimaggressor state can be manifested and exploited in this reality as an unstable and highly dangerous element maintained within a patriarchal super-structure (see: quantum superstate feminism), however for an individual to achieve Schrodinger’s feminist status they must ultimately emerge from the box.


Physicists will tell you that Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment was intended to show exactly how ludicrous the concept of superposed states is, at least when considering stimuli that can be observed by the naked eye in this reality.

The popular interpretation of this experiment is that for one state to be observed all others existing within the superposed system must collapse.  Crucially for a protagonist to be revealed as Schrodinger’s feminist, the credibility of both victim and aggressor states must collapse simultaneously as soon as they are exposed to any degree of scrutiny in this reality.

In our example we witness how St Louis’ victimaggressor superposed state could be manifested in this reality within the patriarchal super-structure of the state sponsored sexism in STEM fields narrative and further amplified within the collapsing macrocosm of professional journalism.

This state can exist long enough to inflict serious injury to any individual caught within the victim status vortex of the superposed whirlwind that briefly extends into our universe (which may in turn create numerous closed system victimagressor feedback loops). Ultimately the credibility of both states quickly collapse and disintegrate when exposed to daylight or examined under the microscope of critical thought.


See also: Schrodingers rapist


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