Words of advice for Guardian Users currently in ‘Pre-moderation’

For some strange reason my Guardian user account was tagged for ‘pre-moderation’ last April, based on ‘a pattern of behaviour involving spamming, trolling and / or repeated/frequent borderline abuse’.

EYEsay strange because my mother brought me up not to be rude and this proposed ‘pattern of behaviour‘ was based on a grand total of two completely innocuous comments.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 09.22.34

You can read all about my attempt to fight for the right to join the comment is free party here but for anyone else currently experiencing ‘pre-moderation’ blues EYEhas some advice about the best way to protect your tarnished reputation.

If you suspect that your ‘temporary pre-moderation‘ experience is a consequence of having been targeted by radical feminists and/or believe that you have been treated inequitably by ineffective, ill informed or politically biased moderators (and there does appear to be quite a few of you) then my advice is this.

STEP 1: Review your previous actions / comments to satisfy yourself that they were all compliant with the Moran Code for modern feminists / humanists, as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 21.16.23

STEP 2: Advise the moderation team that you suspect your current ‘temporary pre-moderation‘ status may be an act of direct sex discrimination and that you would like to make a complaint under the Guardian Media Group’s equal opportunity policy for service users.

STEP 3: Give the moderation team a week to respond.  Assuming that they completely ignored your request, notify them that they have 5 working days to review and remove your ‘temporary pre-moderation‘ status.  Also write to the Guardian’s Reader’s Editor and ask: how do you make a complaint under the Guardian Media Group’s equal opportunity policy?

STEP 4: If YOUisBloke he will probably just ignore your question, nonetheless, within a couple of days, you should be magically afforded fair service and free speech once again.

Alternatively you may simply decide to switch to a news service provider that doesn’t make you assert your right to equality before deciding to actually respect it….

You can keep track of my ongoing efforts to find someone / anyone in the Guardian who’s prepared to take my equal opportunity complaint seriously here.

Be seeing you…;-)


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