Rickman’s Man’s World – Season Finale: Nature versus Nurture


Over the past few months Dina Rickman, former deputy editor of i100 and self identifying fourth wave feminist has been the gift that has just kept on giving for any humble blogger interested in documenting and commenting on examples of blindspotism and misandry in the mainstream media.

Glass Blindspot

Dina Rickman’s observations on the most overt examples of state sponsored sexism were one of the first things this fledgling blogger commented on (inequalities in pay and services for domestic violence victims, in case you’re wondering).

In subsequent months EYE have documented some of  Dina’s very prolific efforts to promote the discipline of glass spotisim across an appropriately diverse range of topics including: International Gender Equality Days; Glass CeilingsGender Based Violence; (ahem) Fighting the Patriarchy; Sexism in the MediaRole Models; Private Parts and even Dick Jokes.

There will always be a little corner of this blog forever dedicated to those efforts but in the absence of any recent offerings EYE thought it was time to close a chapter and hopefully end this admittedly one way conversation with a happy ending (she was ‘too young to die of boredom’ apparently).

It turns out that Dina’s been promoted to the Head of Social @ the Independent and EYE would like to congratulate her and wish her good luck.

In fairness over 2015 she’s shown potential when not indulging in the sort of double standards that are best left to full time professional feminists who don’t care who’s feelings they tred on to get the story, as long as it isn’t their hyper sensitive own.

Over the year Dina has had plenty of far more interesting things to share with the world.  EYE personally will thank her every time I peel an egg and in recent months she has proved that it is entirely possible to write insightful and informative articles about inequality without coming across like you think it’s still 1970.

Unlike the masters of ‘clickbait’ over at the guardian, i100 articles don’t ordinarily generate many comments below the line and Dina’s successors will certainly struggle to beat the record she set with one of her final efforts to fight the good fight against sex discrimination and gender stereotyping.

So as we reach the season finale let’s, in good humour, celebrate one last moment of Rickmanesque genius where she spectacularly manages to accumulate a large amount of data to support her theory that gender is nothing more than a social construct by incorrectly guessing the gender of almost 300 people.

Which I guess, if nothing else, goes to prove that we are all human.


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