Has connie st louis just had a demotion?


Probably not.  Although her employer has finally finished the lengthy process of helping her ‘update’ her cv  and there has certainly been some pruning.

For the Uninitiated: Connie St Louis is the ‘journalist’ who sparked the whole #timhuntkerfuffle earlier this year after spinning the unlikely tale of a nobel prize wining scientist standing up in front a room full of one hundred female science journalists at a world conference for science journalists and telling them they should all get back into the kitchen.

I’m paraphrasing for humorous effect obviously but only just, especially if you still believe Ms St Louis’ account which has scant regard for popular concepts of after dinner humour, even if she did find the subsequent #distractinglysexy retort  hilarious.

If you’re still enchanted by Connie’s reimagining of reality then shame on you and nothing I could say that hasn’t already been said will likely change your mind.

Back in the real world, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the only  tears that flowed as a consequence of saturated coverage of this story can actually be traced to the household of the very man who stood accused of making a very public call for segregated workspaces (when he very obviously didn’t).

In the interest of popular journalistic balance, I am obliged to point out that a significant proportion of those tears where in fact salty #maletears and as the United Nations have responsibly reminded us this week, these don’t actually count.

But as the clock ticks down the time limit for public defamation complaints, at least some of us have enough of an attention span to wonder how some of St Louis’ previous claims stood up to slightly more scrutiny than the average pulitzer prize winning moral Guardian can be bothered to muster these days.

I think part of what we’re seeing is the old churnalism thing where journalists, particularly science journalists, don’t have time to do what I would call reporting anymore.  Connie St Louis 2011

In a tongue twisting turn to the tragic tale, Hunt’s happy hunter had happened to become hunted herself when the Daily Mail pointed out that a series of previous claims made by the ‘award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist’ were slightly dubious and in some cases demonstrably false.

St Louis’s media champions stayed silent on this point but her profile was quickly pulled by City University London who advised anyone bothered enough to enquire that they were helping her to ‘update’ it.

Now that the ‘updated’ version has finally made an appearance there was surprisingly scant evidence to support a number of previous claims including the one about writing for ‘numerous outlets, including The Independent, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and BBC Online’’.

When the Mail initially enquired about this back in June, St Louis simply hung up the phone and when they rang back she advised her fellow journalists that she simply didn’t ‘have time to find all the articles on different old computers.’

Curiously the most recent of the (count them) two articles she definitely has had published in a mainstream newspaper has been omitted in the ‘updated’ version and despite a swathe of media appearances earlier this year, the only one listed on her ‘updated’ CV dates back to 2011.

Perhaps the ‘regular contributor to ABC News Worldview TV programme’ has found a new sense of modesty but I seriously doubt it.  Given that she has refused to back away from her extraordinary claim and continues to tweet shamelessly on the subject I suspect that her employer has to take responsibility for the revisions in her current problem profile.

With Stalinesque efficiency any mention of the #timhuntkefruffle has been entirely ommited from the record and CLU’s Senior Lecturer in Journalism’s four page profile contains significantly less than 140 characters to inform potential students about this ‘award wining journalist’s’ most famous ‘scoop’.

Still and least anyone thinking about becoming a proper journalist can check out her more impressive resume here and if they need help wading through all the spelling and grammatical errors, fear not because help is at hand here.

Be seeing you.



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