Have the strength to change: petition comments

Have the strength to change: Domestic violence services shouldn’t stigmatise dads. petition

I give a shit
Stop making dad the villain.Children need their dad’s too.
I was not believed as a make victim and we need greater awareness of the negative impact of such anti male promotional material on attitudes which prevent help to men and fathers like me
There must be equality in the wording and message.
This ad isn’t fair, very discriminatory. Male and female both commit dv that is a fact. The reality of why men to call when it happens to them is very easy to understand “law enforcement ridicules them” when they call. I know this as a fact saw it over 20 years.
Mums are perpetrators as mush if not more than fathers…
Men are a discrimated against minority these days…
Signing because the law has to acknowledge the rights of a man. An uneven balenciaga at the moment.
I believe both genders are victims of DV yet the media continues to portray it as a female only problem . This should change !
It reflects the entrenched attitude that sees DV from only one perspective and is an insult to all the wonderful dads out there
It is not always Dad who abuses! This is discriminatory.
Imagine how this poster feels to the 40% of victims who are males!
Men, boys, fathers face a constant battle against a feminist driven ‘system’ that is seemingly intent on the denigration of a gender. A system that ignores male victims, ignores female perpetrators and is continually trying to use subtle methods to convince the masses that men and boys are nothing short of ‘demons’. Violence and abuse should be tackled effectively and the first step should be to acknowledge the reality of the situation and to adopt a balanced, unprejudiced approach. It’s not just men who can be abusers, not just women who can be victims. It is important that gender prejudiced campaigns such as these are challenged as they will be massively harmful if left to fester. If you don’t believe that women and girls are a part of the problem, take a look….it’s far from pretty. <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Truth- Abuse/387010894814355″ rel=”nofollow”>https://www.facebook.com/pages/Truth- Abuse/387010894814355</a>
I am signing because I know men who have suffered domestic abuse. I have met one who had had knives in his back, several whose female partners had broken their bones and several whose female partners have driven at.

We have to stop ALL domestic violence

womens rights are starting to tip the other way, men are now being ostrisized, exploited and made to feel inadequate. This is not equality.
All victims suffer gender should never be a reason to discriminate.
As a victim of violence by a woman for years this is hideously insulting. You need to enter the new millennium and realise how many women are violent.
As a man who suffered years of violence by a woman only to be ignored by the family courts i find this grossly insulting.
Victims of both genders deserve equal rights and protection..
Do Greenwich have the strength to change their wicked ways – blaming Dads
It’s actually been proven that women are the cause of most domestic violence. This systematic attack on men and boys needs to be stopped. Boys will not be free until society stops abusing them with belittling propaganda like this.
There will be no harm whatsoever in making this campaign gender neutral. Why choose to demonise the entire male gender?
Anti-male stereotypes have gone on long enough.
This is simply the most sexisit campaign I have seen. Women’s rights movements woukd not stand for a poster depicting them as the sole abusers of children why should men be victimised in this way if local councils supported men in getting help with the abuse they recieve at a earlier stage then this would be a step to improvement rather than furthering the male hatred that I see so often with so many council’s……
I wanted to
There are many more amazing dads that do not need this message but will feel it is targeted against them… We do not need to stigmatise anyone to get a specific message across! There has to be a better way than this!
Because the domestic violence industry is stigmatising men, and all the best research shows that 70% of domestic violence is reciprocal, and that male- against-female unilateral violence is the rarest form.
As a father myself, I was physically assaulted several times during a five year relationship by my partner. In addition her immediate neighbour (a single mother) received a minor assault over parking which the Police attended. I feel very strongly that Greenwich Council should withdraw this poster and reassess their current stance. I would like them to produce a new poster within their Borough that properly reflects the actual statistical data available to them. I find this poster deeply offensive and bears no relation to my own circumstances.
It’s more than evident that fathers of children are not given an ‘equal voice’ in matters of their childrens’ happy and balanced development and growth into adulthood.
This would never be allowed if it said Mothers!
It’s about time someone stood up for Dad’s who are victims of DV, inflicted upon them by the women in the patnership and a lot of times in front of children. Bloody stupid councils who make/allow statements like this poster need to be SACKED!
Women commit domestic violence too. This is sexist and immoral.
it’s offensive and incorrect
Equality should mean 50/50 straight down the line. Unfortunately in the UK this is often not the case. Time for change.
Im signing to help stop demonizing dads.
Almost half of domestic violence is initiated by women, and women are the majority of child abusers. Stop blaming fathers. Every time the domestic violence INDUSTRY does this nonsense, they spit in the faces of millions of children who are, or were, abused by their mothers, including me, and in the faces of all the men who are trapped in relationships with abusive women.
Yet again the destructive narrative that men are the primary perpetrators of violence in the home rears its head. This is what equality looks like in 2015.
Not only does this poster wrongfully demonize dads, it ignores the issue of female violence and its effect on the dynamics of family conflict. That is not an honest or responsible approach to the issue.
This is disgusting sexism not to mention ignorant of statistics in that it implies domestic violence is a male problem.
Kids should have both a mum and dad in their life. It’s their human right to have a balanced upbringing.
This poster perpetuates a lie.
Domestic Violence isn’t gender specific
To resolve matters involving two parties it’s not a good idea to start by pointing a finger at one party. Also there is an epidemic of mothers abusing the civil justices system to prevent children contact with their fathers; using the same to get Non-molestation orders to get legal aid. It’s all wrong. Like with most things it’s not that the system is corrupt or biased, it’s people who work for the system that in the name of safety (or to be seen to be doing the right thing), father’s must be the bad guys. Hence its those people who work for the Women’s Groups/Police/Social Services/Solicitors that make something big from a simple case of marriage/relationship breakdown. But we all know in marriage/relationships things are never always going be rosey. But its those partners that want to break-up families for selfish reasons that are the perpetrators of Domestic abuse. The system is there for authentic cases of Domestic abuse. But we all know, like any system, if it can financially benefit certain individuals then those people will abuse it mother’s in this case – it’s just like how people abuse the benefit system.

I think if you cut any form of financial benefit from anyone claiming domestic abuse, then more marriages/relationships are will work better – that is each partner will take responsibility for making it work rather than selfishly giving up because the system make it so easy to give up and rewards the partner who breaks the family structure.

It’s offensive for kids as well as dads. There’s a higher percentage of mothers that are abusive but it goes unreported
I agree and support this..
Men can be victims, too, and they don’t deserve it.



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