10 ways you can tell if you’re a ‘feminazi’

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Mx Bates’ original list seemed a tad disingenuous so EYE had another go:

1. In a professional situation someone tells you that you look pretty. You consider this to be inappropriate and offensive. Do you: a) Share your view with the other party and politely ask them not to do it again? OR b) Respond to this blatant objectification and eroticisation of your physical appearance by publicly shaming the filthy predator, exploiting the public platform you’ve established for yourself to champion equality issues?

2. You have recently graduated in a discipline where 62% of your peers are women. Do you a) try and use your legal knowledge and position to help people less privileged that you? OR b) Know that the crux of the matter is that you live and work in a brutal society, which is maintained through stratified social order based on ritual humiliation, gentleman’s clubs, fights, rites of passage, sexism, and banter? You also expect special treatment because Equalists ignore the gendered nature of the oppression of women’.

3. You express your (perhaps heavy handed) opinion about something someone said by tweeting it to 5,000 odd people and branding it #everydaysexism. After someone experiences disproportionate real world consequences you are criticized for contributing to a modern public shaming phenomenon, Do you a) Own it? OR b) Blame old media and disavow the concept of personal responsibility in it’s entirety?

4. Someone draws attention to some of your less attractive qualities by drawing obvious comparisons with authoritarian fascist tactics. Do you a) Consider and respond to each aspect of the implied criticism in a calm thoughtful manner? OR b) Immediately engage passive aggressive mode and exploit the memory of the holocaust to portray yourself as the victim in this scenario?

5. Someone asks you to explain the gender pay gap. Do you tell them that a) It is an approximation of the difference between the median earnings of all men and women classified as full-time workers and that it can be explained by a complex range of factors including hours worked, career choices, experience, work life balance, sex discrimination and information bias? OR b) It is evidence of widespread sex discrimination and you essentially worked for free last month?

6. You are concerned that women are under-represented in politics. Do you a) Join one of the many political parties advocating gender equality that are desperate for more female candidates, get stuck in and get your hands dirty? OR b)  Join the Women’s Equality Party.

7. One of the few female Rock Icons of the 80’s discusses her experience of sexual assault. Do you a) Admire her for speaking about such an intensely personal and traumatic experience in such a open and frank way? OR b) Light your twitchfork and join the mob baying for her excommunication from pop life because suggesting that she felt in some way responsible for her experience is offensive to victims who can often feel that they are in some way responsible for their sexual assault?

8. Someone asks you who Erin Prizzey is. Do you tell them a) That she is a pioneer in the field of domestic abuse who will be remembered for starting one of the first women’s refuges in the modern world? OR b) A traitor of the sisterhood. Also her dog and postman had it coming for continuing to associate with her after the death threat had been issued?

9. Someone suggests that it strikes them as irrational that 1 in 3 victims of domestic abuse are excluded from almost all tax funded support services because they are contracted to charities who exclusively blame men for the phenomenon? Do you a) Agree because you know that research repeatedly shows that the most common form of abuse is reciprocal OR b) Scream what about teh Menz! and protest cuts to vital services by plastering your local tube station with stickers saying #goodnightmensrights?

10. When teaching your children to cross the road do you tell them a) To look left, right, left again and never talk to strangers? OR b) That the highway code clearly teaches us that pedestrians have the right of way at all times and that it is the responsibility of motorists to stop for you (anything else would be victim blaming)?

Tie Break Question: You discover that feminism is getting the vast majority of votes in a light hearted annual survey asking people to vote for the word they most want to banish. Do you a) Have a good long think about why on earth in the year 2015 so many people would object to a word that in it’s purest form simply means a belief in equal rights for men and women? OR b) Demand that it’s immediately removed from the list and replaced with a grovelling formal apology – oh and by the way, in it’s purest form feminism means equal rights for women and men, you sexist so and so?

EYE could go on….


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