Gender Mereology Studies #5: Some Facts about domestic violence


Erin Pizzey is a pioneer in the field of domestic abuse and family care. She is famous for having created the first women’s shelter in the modern world and forming Chiswick Women’s Aid which became Refuge and has grown to become one of the largest UK charities supporting victims of domestic violence. She is now a Patron for the Mankind Initiative.

Pizzey’s earnest expression about the fact that men and women are equally capable of Domestic Violence has led to death threats, boycotts that forced her into hiding. Scotland Yard had to screen her mail ensuring they were not booby trapped. She even had her dog shot. Erin Pizzey says the threats were from radical feminists who would do anything to stop Erin from speaking the truth and hard facts about Domestic Violence.

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Click on the tiny elephant for more studies:

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