Distractingly Sexy?


EYE on Media Misandry

My part-time pursuit of searching out examples of journalistic glass spotism and mainstream media misandry can often be as challenging as shooting extremely large fish in a teeny tiny barrel. Nevertheless, for various reasons, EYE still think there is merit in taking the time to hold a mirror up to some of the obvious examples.  After all if you’re getting paid to write about gender equality issues EYE think you have a responsibility not to damage the cause you are purporting to champion by inviting ridicule and indulging in blatant double standards when it suits.

Take Evan Bartlett for example who regularly contributes to the I-100’s 4th wave feminism friendly view of the world where women work for free two months in the yeargirl’s write inspiring letters about sexism in [insert subject here] and brave men get photographed in dresses to challenge our concept of gender.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 13.57.20

Maybe Evan’s just doing what a man’s got to do to bring home the bacon these days or maybe he genuinely believes that, for example, subtle feminist friendly Facebook tweaks seriously equate to a victory for equality.  He certainly appears to believe that you can’t embrace your British identity without being xenophobic, so I guess it’s entirely possible that his concept of equality might be to the right of a UCL Diversity Officer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 13.56.18Back in May Evan couldn’t believe that in the year 2015 you would still see a newspaper rating female politicians on their looks and duly took a pop at the Belfast Telegraph for their ‘quite staggering article judging election candidates on their looks and dress sense‘.

Mind you that was all the rage back then, whereas this week it’s all about doing down the Labour Leadership candidate most likely to talk about the very real pay gap in this country.  And how does Evan choose to join in the feeding frenzy?  By judging him on his looks of course…

In his article Some people think Jeremy Corbyn is sexy and we’re not sure what to say, Evan takes an irreverent look at the possibility that in 2015 some people might still be attracted to men with beards and left leaning politics!  He even goes as far as, wait for it… inviting readers to take part in a quick poll and share their views on the would be lefty leader’s level of sexy….

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 14.43.19

What a time to be alive indeed…


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