Are You a Truthseeker?

We have arranged for ourselves a world in which we can live – by positing bodies, lines, planes, causes and effects, motion and rest, form and content; without these articles of faith nobody could now endure life. But that does not prove them. Life is no argument. The conditions of life might include error….

Friedrich Nietzsche


If you think that you may be a truth seeker then why not complete the following simple 4 step exercise…

Step 1: Drawing upon any relevant information you may have acquired over time, any available empirical evidence, logic and common sense; watch the 30 second video clip embedded below.

What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?


Step 2: Take a moment to consider the Nietzschean concept that absolute Truth is unattainable and that all language is ultimately metaphor.

Step 3: If you feel that you have watched footage of the first (and to date only) steel skyscraper to have collapsed due to internal fires then, based on an six year long study by world-renowned experts in building failure, you are correct.

If you are curious enough to review the data used by the experts to support this finding then please click on the picture below.


Step 4: If you have any remaining questions then you are most probably a truth seeker and may from time to time find yourself drawn to rabbit holes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 17.26.39


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